Ching is one of the largest cities in the east. Boasting a prosperous trade organization, Ching was the setting of a great trade war between traders from the west and the Old Trade Guild.

The trade war concluded with the pact of peace signed by all parties involved in the war in the year 2305 HR. Soon after Serith and Ilsbeth, both local merchants, were murdered by members of the Old Trade Guild in retaliation for a price war between the still uneasily allied trade factions. This ignited the true end of the trade war which involved expulsion of the last remaining western merchants from the city in a bloody revolt.

It wasn’t until 10 years later, in 2315 HR on Fate 1st, that western merchants were allowed to return to Ching. New regulations on trade pretty much also caused the disbanding of the Old Trade Guild during this same year though rumors persist that its influence behind the scenes still exists. The fighting had stopped hopefully for good among the merchants with Ching.

Metropolis (Approximate Population: 31,670)

Eastern Versat Human Territories

=Departing Roads=
South (2 days) – Sienna
West (1 1/2 days) – Vorpal

Districts and Shops

===Halfling District===

Associated People
Vanyl Cormandor’s birthplace.
Jader BladewindSamurai Master.

Interesting Places
West Suki Trading Company Trade Warehouses


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