Cave of the Misfortunate One


The Cave of the Misfortunate One was a cave made home by a rogue named Recinda Butterfingers. For all her efforts, she was not very effective at her chosen career choice, but her will was strong. After much effort, she was finally able to get a hold of a rare magic item to confirm she wasn’t a complete failure. This magic item, the Sword of Ghosts, though very valuable was also rumored to be cursed. Even so, she hid the sword within her dungeon cave which she attempted to trap as protection.

The cave itself is hidden in a small hill of unknown location somewhere in the Western Versat Human Territories. Although she went out of her way to trap the place, and because she still fumbled almost everything she did, most of the traps didn’t work the way they were intended to. Her pit traps which used spring reloading trap doors would instead launch people towards the ceiling because the springs were set at the wrong tension level. The traps were for the most part still deadly but were backfiring in ways no one would ever expect.

There are unconfirmed reports that a group of adventurers swept through and managed to find what treasure Recinda’s cave had to offer. It is uncertain though if the Sword of Ghosts was ever recovered.

=Recent Events=
This cave system has recently been reworked by Melinda herself. It is said she hones her skills there and offers the ultimate challenge to those she feel are worthy of challenging the compound.

Western Versat Human Territories, near Four Roads.

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Cave of the Misfortunate One

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