cath shee


This greenish-gray feline is about the size of a mountain lion, with large tufted ears and wide golden eyes. These magical beasts stand about 4 feet tall at the shoulder weigh up to 400 pounds. Also known as faerie cats, cath shee are cunning feline predators found in sylvan woodlands. Mated pairs of cath shee will furiously defend each other and their offspring. Legends claim that they were created by Corellon Larethian for his beloved elves.

Cath shee are efficient, ferocious predators. They prefer to lie in wait for prey, then dimension door to make a devastating surprise attack. They can pounce on their foes as well as raking them with their claws. A cath shee that witnesses its mate or offspring take damage in combat flies into a berserk rage on its next turn, clawing and biting madly until either it or its opponent is dead.

To be trained, a cath shee must have a friendly attitude toward the trainer. A cath shee usually has a friendly attitude toward trainers who are elves or who have elf blood, such as half-elves, provided the trainer supplies the cath shee with sustenance for at least a few days and has not attacked or mistreated the creature. A cath shee is indifferent, at best, toward most other creatures.

cath shee

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