broken ones


Broken ones (or animal men) are the tragic survivors of scientific and magical experiments gone awry. While they were once human, their beings have become mingled with those of animals and their very nature has been forever altered by the shock of this event. It is rumored that some broken ones are the result of failed attempts at resurrection, reincarnation, or polymorph spells.

While broken ones look more or less human, they are physically warped and twisted by the accidents that made them. The characteristics of their non-human part will be clearly visible to any who see them. For example, a broken one who has been infused with the essence of a rat might have horrific feral features, wiry whiskers, curling clawed fingers, and a long, whip-like tail.

Broken ones know whatever languages they knew as human beings and 10% of them can communicate with their non-human kin as well. It is not uncommon for the speech of a broken one to be heavily accented or slurred by the deformities of its body.

broken ones

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