bramble faerie


Brambles are among the tiniest of fey, as well as the most aggressive and vicious. Faerie legends tell that they were long-ago outcasts of fey society, and are believed to have descended from the gorse.

Brambles are tiny people with dark, wrinkled skin, pointy nails, extremely pointed ears, and an overall appearance that makes them look dried-out. A brace of spines sticks out from their back, which is bare although it appears that it was meant to support wings. Brambles wear smalls suits of spiked plate mail with holes that allow their spines to fit through, camouflaging them against the artificial spikes of the armor.

Brambles are nomadic and restless, never staying together or in one place for too long. They are arrogant and sneaky in dealing with larger races, fancying themselves as some kind of pixie knights. Brambles are often seen riding an odd selection of creatures, including porcupines, hedgehogs, al’mirajs, and other creatures. Brambles speak Sylvan.

Brambles attack by hurling themselves at opponents, causing damage with their spiky bodies. One out of ten brambles secret poison from the spines of their armor. Such brambles, if present, are usually the leaders of a given group.

bramble faerie

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