Bookas are a peaceful faerie race, related to pixies and sprites. Bookas are about one foot tall, with slender bodies. They have long pointy noses and broad ears, and would be considered homely by human standards. Their wings are delicate, and colored like butterfly wings. Bookas speak Sylvan, and many known Elven and Common, and some even speak the secret language of rogues.

Bookas lair in the homes of men, usually in farming communities and rustic settings. They spend most of their time in an idyllic lifestyle, harming no one, and living in attics. The fey form a symbiotic relationship with the inhabitants of the house, helping with chores in exchange for a place to live – but they flee to a new home if their nest is discovered or if they are disturbed in their chores, and take revenge if the owners harm them. Bookas usually only reserve their pranks for evil or harmful creatures.

Bookas are one of the most peaceful races in the world, and do everything possible to avoid a fight. They are all but helpless in combat, and seek to turn invisible and flee if attacked. Bookas bite if cornered, but though the bite is painful, it is no more damaging than a paper cut. If a booka has been angered by another creature, it may take steps to seek revenge, setting up traps which are painful or even deadly.

Bookas can become invisible at will. This is so basic to the nature of the creature that they can do it anytime, even when engaging in another action.

They are watched over by their patron deity Titania.


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