The werebear god, Balador is chaotic good aligned. His title is Father Bear. His realm is called Ursis on the Brux layer of Wilderness of the Beastlands.

Balador most commonly manifests as a bear, but he may also appear as a tall, tanned, handsome human ranger.

Balador is the masculine counterpart to his sister Ferrix, goddess of weretigers. Balador has good friends among the fey and elven pantheons, as well as those human deities who understand how valuable werebears can be to the forests and woodlands. In myth, Balador is often the servitor of a greater nature or druidic deity. He is a member of the Were Pantheon and his only enemies are Daragor, Eshebala, and Squerrik.

Balador roams the Beastlands, with his lair, Ursis, in Brux. He takes his food from the rivers and lakes, sometimes persuading other deities to brew honeyed mead for him.

Balador is worshipped by werebears, though he does not grant spells to werebear priests. Instead, he intercedes with the deities worshiped by werebears before they became infected with their lycanthropy, asking them to continue granting spells as they always did.

Classification: Deity
God of the Werebears
Portfolio: Werebears, Protection, and Fraternity
Homeplane: Wilderness of the Beastlands
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Allies: Ferrix, Nobanion
Enemies: Daragor, Eshebala, and Squerrik.

Known Significant Temples

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