The baku is a semi-elephantine creature of goodwill that moves invisibly through human communities. They like to dwell in tropical forests in small groups, though they are seldom spotted due to their invisibility. Their true home is the Concordant Domain of the Outlands, but they frequently travel freely to the Material Plane. These beings are peace-loving by nature and dwell among humankind while seeking out evil and serving their own interests.

Baku are weird amalgams of different animals. Their heads resemble those of elephants, with a pair of tusks that thrust upward from the lower jaw and curve backwards slightly. The trunk is only four feet long, and prehensile. The baku’s forelegs are stout and similar to those of a rhino, while the rear legs are clawed and resemble a lion’s. The body and short tail are reptilian, and scaled with horny plates like dragons.

The vast majority of baku are good-willed creatures, though a few are of other alignments. A few baku are of neutral evil alignment, and known as the Dark Ones by others of their kind. These baku behave in the same manners as the good ones, but seek to disrupt the plans of their good brethren and cause suffering among humans. A small minority of baku are of neutral alignment, and are known as Great Ones or Holy Ones. These baku are more intelligent than the others, and are obeyed reverently by the good ones.


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