Aurumach are part of the alchemical sequence of metals. This variant of rilmani are based upon gold.

Very few non-rilmani have ever seen an aurumach. They are the leaders of the rilmani race, the rulers who call the shots and pull the strings. It’s said that even the gods don’t know half the darks the aurumachs do. More than any other creatures in the entire multiverse, they stand aside from the path of things and objectively measure the state of the Balance, acting to correct it when it leans too far to one side or the other.

Aurumachs are tall, athletic humanoids with beatific features and metallic golden skin. Their eyes are too bright to look at directly, and an aura of power and patience surrounds their form. Aurumachs are occasionally found in fluted golden plate armor, bearing mighty swords or maces, but at the Spire they rarely need such martial trappings.

An aurumach can conjure a moderately magical vorpal greatsword to their hand. This weapon cannot be disarmed. Should the sword leave the aurumach’s hand for any reason, it will disappear until called again. An aurumach’s armor is the equivalent of very magical mithral breastplate and can be summoned in a similar fashion to their weapon.


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