The smallest of sprites, atomies are found in secluded glens. These fey are a nocturnal race and issue forth at night to gather food and frolic. Atomies dwell in trees, verdant banks, and similar abodes. They often celebrate with grigs, dancing to to music of their tiny fiddles.

Atomies are about one foot tall and very thin. Their skin is a light green in color and they have long arms, legs, and fingers. Their heads are long and their ears are narrow. Their features are rather pointy, but attractive, especially when compared to the other sprites. They often dress in brightly colored clothes.

Atomies avoid combat when possible using their quickness to allude would be attackers. If cornered they rely on their spell-like abilities and dagger or crossbow to get them out of trouble. They can see in the dark out to 60 feet.

Atomies speak Sylvan and Common.

They are watched over by their patron deity Damh.


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