These good spirits are the shining messengers of the gods, similar to the devas as well as their greatest rivals. They are luminous figures, shining beacons of good by day and night. They often appear on the Material Plane to guide oracles, mystics, and the faithful. They never sleep.

Asuras are roughly human, with flat-white skin (like marble), almost painfully sharp features, and enormous red wings of rippling, roaring fire. Their hair is red, coppery or golden, and their bright eyes shine like reddish stars. They have clawed feet like eagles, and males often wear bronze helms decorated with a feathered crest. Both males and females wear loose togas.

On their home planes, the asuras are organized into volunteer legions, brigades, and cohorts led by charismatic leaders. Though all the members of such hosts are expected to obey their leaders absolutely, they are free to leave one unit and join another at any time. Their service is freely rendered and freely accepted.

The general of all asuras is a radiant, handsome, and wise figure named Absalom. His celestial legion numbers in the thousands and operates exclusively in the outer planes. However, Absalom is merely a powerful servant of good, not a god, and he cannot grant spells.

Asuras who are not members of a legion often wander the world for a time, seeking to right wrongs and show others the path of good behavior through their own example. They are also frequently attracted to pious humans, and there have been instances of children fathered from such unions. Though they are born without their parent’s fiery wings, these children often grow up to become learned mystics and holy men or powerful and devout warriors. Their eyes always appear to be unnaturally bright.

Asuras occasionally cooperate with the djinn against the efreet, but in general they avoid such entanglements, preferring to work on their own tasks according to their own timetables.


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