Ardel, a predominately dwarven town, was founded in 620 HR by a band of unusual dwarves. They were tired of slaving away in the dark recesses of the Blitzkreig Mountains and were looking for something to do with better air and light. These miners were cut from a different cloth than their brothers.

They wondered around a bit before stumbling upon a large deposit of marble on the western face of the mountains. Knowing their own kins preference for this material, and hoping to drum up interest with the humans, they set about establishing a community, Ardel, named after their clan’s founder.

The Ardel Marble Quarry near the town turned out to be a big success and a dismal failure. Their dwarven brothers preferred to mine their marble closer to home and studiously ignored all offers from the town. The humans, however, enjoyed the beauty and majesty of the rock and kept their orders and their coffers full.

=Recent Events=
Recent feuding with the village of Pinebrook has led to the death of several dwarves and the town, and its guard, are on edge right now.

Small Town (Population 1940)

Western Versat Human Territories

=Departing Roads=
Southwest (2 1/2 days) – Pinebrook

Districts and Shops

Associated People

Interesting Places
Ardel Marble Quarry


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