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Roughrock Anthill
Write Ups: (Lace 03Lace 05), (Miach Journal – Into the Hive – Entry oneMiach Journal – The Protectors – Entry one)
Participants: Cylest, Jamie, Laciel Jadedreamer, Miach Alastair, Saphira, Vanyl Cormandor
Laciel Jadedreamer joined [[Roughrock Adventurers' Guild]]- told to wait at the bar. Met up with Grog and Saphira, grabbed some moss, killed some monsters. Grog wandered off, Cylest, Vanyl, and Saphira were enlisted to explore a recently uncovered ruin near Roughrock. Laciel enlisted Miach's help to join him in catching up to the others and assisting them. Underneath the ruins, they found tunnels dug by ant creatures the size of horses. They fought their way through, and destroyed the nest in the deepest part of the cave, where they met Jamie, who had come there on her own.

I don't know how the original three met or got the mission, or how Laciel knew about them. But, hooray origin story! [[user:Ruff]]
I added a little more [[user:ozymandias107]]

Drow Attacks on Bounty- Initial Misson
Write Ups: (Lace 06Lace 18), (Miach Journal – The Protectors – Entry twoMiach Journal – The Heir – Entry four)
Participants: Laciel Jadedreamer, Miach Alastair, Cylest, Vanyl Cormandor, Jordache Azaria, Colin, Lady Kathran Alaxzander
Description: Several Protectors were sent north to deal with a drow invasion problem. They made it as far as an orc outpost at the crossroads of Blarg, Greff Stronghold, and Brecklos when everything fell apart. The dog died several times and Miach gained a legacy item. Jordache, Cylest, Colin, and Laciel left, Lady Kathran joined up, and Miach realized the demons trying to kill him were a more pressing matter…

How do you even begin to talk about this? Miach is the only one of the original people sent that made it there 2 and a half months later. [[user:Ruff]]
How about like this? [[user:ozymandias107]]

The Convergence Event of 2318
Participants: Laciel Jadedreamer, Miach Alastair, Cylest, Vanyl Cormandor, Jordache Azaria, Colin, Lady Kathran Alaxzander
Description: During the journey to Bounty of the group sent to help defend the town from drow attacks, two of the members Miach and Jordache experienced a terrifying vision in which a large demon appeared and killed their sleeping party members, despite their best efforts to prevent the creature. The vision was ended upon Jordache casting a teleport spell to bring Miach with him to safety. With the ending of the illusion, they saw that the others were still safe, but began to discuss what may have been going on. Upon seeing a location that looked to Jordache to be the one in the vision the next night, they decided to forgo camping for the evening and march on through more of the night. Thinking they had avoided danger they relaxed a little, until a day later when they were interrupted in their travels by another demon, one that looked like a vulture, who declared he was sent to capture the "> mo [[user:ozymandias107|1168359558]]

Drow Attacks on Bounty- Second Try
Write Ups: (Slog Entry 114Slog Entry 120), (Miach Journal – Aftermath – Entry OneMiach Journal – Awake in Yazu – Entry one)
Participants: Nadia Valleron, Geminai Whispers, Rynan, Slog Ogrebane, Miach Alastair, Lady Kathran Alaxzander, Tulanthar
Description: With the resolution of the Rezuka affair, its time to settle old scores. Miach leaves Toole behind and heads to Brecklos with Kathran. They then flew to Glacerin where they met up with Lady Aida, Geminai, and Rynan. They head north to Precosia- along the way Slog catches up with them having just missed them in Glacerin, and in town Aida leaves with Allium. The five adventurers travel in gaseous form to Bounty where they fight several sorties with the drow. During the second mission Miach loses, gains, and again loses his life. Kathran and Geminai join him in death and soon after Rynan seeks his fortune elsewhere, leaving Slog alone in Bounty.

And this? [[user:ozymandias107]]


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