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Note: This group originally started with Miriam, Tyvo, Gob, and Shifter [[user:ozymandias107]]

Ruins of Tolgard
Description: A band of adventures passing through Gremsdale determined that a magical orb was causing the dead to rise again and reap havoc upon the area. The magic only had a certain range at which it worked, which is why the undead never made it back to Gremsdale. The orb managed to raise a hydra that was buried deep within the ground long before Tolgard was built there. This hydra ended up acting as a protector of the orb which is why it wasn’t discovered sooner. The orb was destroyed in the investigation. A band of gnolls called the Greff had also up until recently lived within the ruins. They had managed to maintain a balance with the hydra to remain within the ruins without harm to themselves. The band has since moved on after the orb’s destruction.

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South Gremsdale Cult
Participants: Nadia Valleron, Gob, Miriam


Duke Murder Mystery
Write Ups: Murder Mystery
Participants: Miriam, Nadia Valleron, Gob, Teddeuqief Kabtomim, Tyvo, Shifter
Description: The group was asked to solve the mystery of a duke’s murder. Eventually, between their investigation in Gremsdale and Downpour, they solved the case.

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Golem and the Scepter
Description: Golem-mania!

Our brave adventurers needed the scepter but they did not know why. In fact it was an essential tool for controlling the golem. There was a one-way wall involved in this adventure. [[user:ozymandias107|1212611724]]

Who Wants to Destroy the Universe?
Participants: Jordache Azaria, Miriam
Description: The party was given the task of locating an artifact and destroying it. They were given an amulet that would allow for easier control of the artifact, a sphere of annihilation. When they could safely destroy it, they were to throw the amulet into the sphere that would cause a large explosion and destroy both items. The mission was a success and the explosion rang out for some distance.
Jordache donned the amulet and guided it through close-quarters in the underground stronghold. A few times, Jordache’s will almost succumbed to the sphere and it started towards him, threatening to blink him out of existence.
Being quite uncertain as to how far away would be necessary to combine the sphere with the amulet, Jordache hung the amulet lightly from a tree branch, directly over the sphere. Then, from approximately 600 feet, threw a mighty fireball, which exploded into the nothingness, creating a MASSIVE, perfect semi-circular crater.

Added description of quest [[user:marqphex|1168336120]]
Jordache drove the sphere, dropped the amulet. [[user:Jordache]]

Ketta Mill Excursion
Write Ups: (Slog Entry 106Slog Entry 110), (Ethan Journal – Ketta DungeonEthan Journal – Wandering), Shawn 001
Participants: Miriam, Slog Ogrebane, Ethan Fury, Dalamar, Ino, Saphira, Garrett Oswald, Shawn, Zain Shortblade
Description: Slog Ogrebane retired from the Thousand Blades. Melinda meets him in Glacerin and sends him over to Ketta to help the Protectors out- a organization that Slog joins. He arrives as the team is saying goodbye to Gob who is retiring. They take several trips into the Kettan Dungeon, killing and looting all they see. On their third or fourth trip, they are joined by Saphira. They proceed deeper, are stymied by a trap, and fly out, deciding to leave the possible dragon alone.
The adventurers decide to head back to the west. They get as far as Durga and find the guide was gone. So they decide to head back east. Over the course of their travels they lose Dalamar and Ino to other pursuits but gain Garrett Oswald and Shawn.

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Tanith and the Kettan Council
Write Ups: (Slog Entry 111Slog Entry 113), (Ethan Journal – Negotiate ThisEthan Journal – Catch the Last Dragon Home), (Shawn 002Shawn 003)
Participants: Miriam, Slog Ogrebane, Ethan Fury, Saphira, Garrett Oswald, Shawn, Zain Shortblade
Description: When the current incarnation of Miriam’s Marauders reach Stump on their journey east, Tanith himself appears and asks them to return to Ketta to act as mediators for a negotiation between Tanith and the Kettan Council to allow Tanith some control of the city built on top of his ancient lair. Hoping to prevent Tanith from becoming Ketta’s new dictator, they return to Ketta after magically quizzing the spirit of Amandis.
Before the negotiations begin, they send for help from Zain Shortblade, a legal expert and fellow adventurer. Then they summoned the Kettan Council which consisted of Bizzlebop Taphammer, the Mayor of Ketta; Maestor Wezdale, Leader of the Order of the Invincible; and Fenhi Sparkstaff, Leader of the Mage Guild of Leenza. They also summoned former companion Gob who was at his Protectors satellite base in Ketta.
The negotiations are finally finished and, soon after Saphira leaves, Slog does as well. He heads west for Glacerin while the protector team, Miriam’s Marauders, heads east.

All this because I wanted to mention Bizzlebop [[user:Ruff]]

Bandit Entrapment Plot
Participants: Miriam, Garrett Oswald, Miach Alastair, Shawn, Falconi
Description: Miriam’s Marauders, after being attacked by bandits, realizes what a terrible blight these robbers and thieves are upon the face of Versat. Risking life and limb they take up the life of vigilantes, systematically clearing Eastern Versat of its criminal element. The ill-gotten gains they took from these dastardly individuals helped to fund the purge and it reached epic proportions.

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