Agithinon are celestial outsiders whose home plane are among the Upper Planes. More specifically, they are part of the race called angels or aasimons.

Agathinon are the only aasimon warriors of the upper planes that will only appear in their natural form when on one of the Upper Planes. There they will look much like an elf with opalescent, luminous skin and eyes that actually shine. When not on the Upper Planes, an agathinon will assume the form of some other creature or object at will.

On rare occasions, an agathinon will assume the form of an inanimate object of magical nature, usually to be carried by some other being. This might be a magical lamp, a magical sword, necklace, or even something as unpretentious as a vase or a glass vial. In this form they confer several magical abilities onto their good aligned bearers.

Agathinon form the elite troops of the celestial armies and are often found in its vanguard. When in groups that can be as much as 100 strong, agathinon will most often fight in humanoid form. But sometimes, in special circumstances, they will assume the form of some powerful creatures such as pegasi or dragons to do battle. Regardless of the form they assume, the agathinon are fearless warriors that will often defend their cause to the death.


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