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This is my attempt at collecting all information about every adventure that has occurred in all my my campaigns since the beginning of time. Contributions are a must. Here’s how it works.

Scroll down to the campaign(s) you have participated in, read over the adventure descriptions and titles. If you find that you have participated in that adventure, make sure the appropriate character of yours is stated to have participated. If you find an adventure you experienced is not found anywhere, add it to the lost adventure section at the bottom and we’ll add it to the right place.

Contributions should be signed so we know who contributed by putting at the end of your entry 3 tildes(~) which will put your username at the end of the comment. Check the Presdale Invasion entry for example of an entry. Contributions will remain for a time after being integrated, but get removed to save space eventually.


Presdale Invasion
Participants: Htaed Scythsoul, Tomas Flashstrike
Description: Presdale was invaded by some orcs and it was the responsibility of the party to clear the village out so that the citizens could return.

I remember that there was only 3 people in the party. [[user:marqphex]]
Wasn’t the village protected by a wall. [[user:marqphex]]

=Summer Joint 2007=

Construction Woes
Description: The newly formed group interested in getting some extra spending cash in their pockets agreed to help a local foreman with some sort of spider problem in his construction site. Upon completion of that task they have aspirations to help a new local noble make a name for himself by clearing out some of the monsters in the area.

In progress [[user:marqphex|1179848396]]

=Monday 2007=
Planar Troubles
Participants: Miach Alastair, Zain Shortblade, Miriam, Garrett Oswald, Shawn, Falconi
Description: Having just missed the party in Pfft, the group started to pursue an outsider who had caused problems in Versat before. Having researched who was behind this attack, the party began to work towards getting revenge. They learned of where a portal would be open on the 15th of Uni and made their way through Oasis and then north to the portal on a 12 day hike. Upon arriving and immediately getting lost, they abandoned the mission. The fallout of the mission was the initiation of Protectors Initiative 3A-1 which puts Protector influence in all inhabitable settlements in Versat.

Abandoned [[user:marqphex]]

Underdark Book Drive
Participants: Miach Alastair, Miriam, Garrett Oswald, Falconi, Melinda, Clayborn Silverkin
Description: Melinda suggested that the group go ask if Htaed needed any help. He said he was trying to get a group to go recover an ancient tome for him from a keep called Lareth in the Underdark. They obtained a map and have made numerous attempts to arrive in Lareth.

In progress [[user:marqphex|1174478589]]

=Wednesday 2007=
Delmore Moss
Write Ups: (Slog Entry 121Slog Entry 124)
Participants: Slog Ogrebane, Sparkfinger Dwindledrop, Azaeladew Dwindledrop, Hogie Quintestca, Ales
Description: Having recently killed some driders and stopping the drow incursions near Bounty, Slog receives a letter from Melinda pointing him towards Maurice in Cinderblock. Once there Maurice Lionbrave introduces him to his new team: Sparkfinger Dwindledrop, Azaeladew Dwindledrop, Hogie Quintestca, Ales and advises them to get a training rock from Balfor. Balfor wanted some delmore moss, which they eventually retrieved and were well rewarded by the senile wizard with the rock and weapons grade delmore moss.

(CinderblockTallgrassDelmoreNaga Cave – Beach Hermit Cave – Captain Crusty’s Ship – Kuo-toa cave – DelmoreTallgrassCinderblockBlargCinderblock)

Me [[user:ozymandias107]]

Southeast Fort
Write Ups: (Slog Entry 125Slog Entry 128)
Participants: Slog Ogrebane, Sparkfinger Dwindledrop, Azaeladew Dwindledrop, Hogie Quintestca, Ales
Description: Mission from Maurice Lionbrave to get map to the Underdark – contact was Mylenn Patricia in Trezna.

(CinderblockBountyTreznaSoutheast FortTrezna)

Me [[user:ozymandias107]]

Sewer Diving
Write Ups: (Slog Entry 129Slog Entry 142)
Participants: Slog Ogrebane, Sparkfinger Dwindledrop, Azaeladew Dwindledrop, Hogie Quintestca, Domynik Darkshadow
Description: The Dragon Force decided to spend some time in and around the town of Trezna. There was a short side jaunt to Bounty, but then they returned to the Gambit District. They had many an adventure beneath the town in the sewers and, with the help of Uriel DeAvery, managed to clear away quite a bit of the undead and naga population there. They gained a new member during this time, a grizzled half-elf by the name of Dom.
They stumbled across the lich Xanaphia Siannodel and found themselves paying her to save their lives. The halflings seemed to appreciate her power, or at least her wealth, and decided to throw in their lot with her. While their freedom was purchased, Xanaphia did offer the team a job if they were interested.


Me [[user:ozymandias107|1176313885]]

Cave of the Misfortunate One Redux
Write Ups: Slog Entry 143, Lin Journal – Rock and Dust
Participants: Slog Ogrebane, Hogie Quintestca, Domynik Darkshadow, Nadia Valleron, Diedrum Dunan
Description: Having completed some business transactions with Melinda involving a training rock, the Dragon Force is offered a new challenge by the leader of the Protectors. It seems she long ago discovered a cave with substandard traps and upgraded accordingly. The Dragon Force was giving a magical means to visit the cave directly and challenge it if they wished.
Wrapping up their business in Trezna, they did just that. Meeting a couple new faces there that joined them by the names of Nadia and Diedrum, the adventurers challenged the cave with its traps, golems, and monsters and eventually defeated it. Unfortunately, after leaving the cave and heading to town Slog was killed by a wraith. The team headed to Four Roads, his equipment in hand and his body, which was animated with necromantic power, shuffling behind.

(TreznaCave of the Misfortunate OneFour Roads)

Me [[user:ozymandias107|1176313885]]

Elephant Drive
Participants: Crystal Waters, Velphia Moonblossom, Domynik Darkshadow, Hogie Quintestca, Diedrum Dunan, Nadia Valleron
Description: After completing Melinda’s challenge, the Dragon Force heads south the Talisman and Nadia’s home. Slog Ogrebane is called away after just being rezzed and new allies are found in Velphia and Crystal. On their way there they kill and raise a pair of dire elephants. Enjoying the new form of transport, they choose Dumbbone and pimped their ride to the max. While in Talisman they do some training and Domynik and Hogie will never be the same again.
Deciding to investigate an orb in the Ruins of Tolgard that was of interest to Xanaphia Siannodel, the Dragon Force heads south. Arriving at the ruins they discovered wild magic ruled there. Engaging 4 ogre mages in battle, a magical accident occurred hurling them and one of the ogres to some place else entirely. Since Nadia died shortly before this happened, she lost control of her undead army and, except for Mu the wraith that was transported with her, can neither control nor knows the where abouts of her forces. And so the age of Dumbbone drew to a close.

(Cave of the Misfortunate OneFour RoadsPrecosiaGlacerinYeselRoughrockTalismanWindy TreeGremsdaleRuins of Tolgard)

Me [[user:ozymandias107|1176313885]]
Wrap Up [[user:ozymandias107|1176386756]]

Where in the World is Nadia Necrophagia?
Participants: Crystal Waters, Velphia Moonblossom, Domynik Darkshadow, Hogie Quintestca, Diedrum Dunan, Nadia Valleron
Description: A magical accident hurls the team to a strange, new land. The sun has moved in the sky, the ground is orange soil, the sky is green, and the sun seems to be a brighter green. This area is also plagued with wild magic. It was quickly discovered they were on the continent of Sarcosa and near the settlement of Leenza. The very next day they caught a teleport back to their continent again arriving in Ketta. They made arrangements to head back to the west to attempt to barter with the supposed lich underneath the elf metropolis of Trezna.
Original description [[user:ozymandias107|1176386756]]
Update – On Hold [[user:marqphex|1179848396]]

=Misc Adventures=
Lothar Fun: Ogre Apocalypse
Write Ups: Journal of Neruna
Participants: Lothar of the Hill People, Neruna Crythlia, Jamie
Description: A barbarian and necromancer meet a bard, get killed by ogres, and rezzed in the nearby town of Pinebrook.

This was Brad, Kevin, and Melissa- a one-shot adventure after which Lothar and Neruna were retired. Anyone recall what town we got rezzed in? [[user:ozymandias107]]
That is pretty obscure, I don’t remember though, we should try to locate Jamie and go from there [[user:marqphex]]
Figured it out [[user:ozymandias107|1168355403]]

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