Jeffrey Treebow

Aasimar Cleric of Elhonna


Unknown just yet.


Jeffrey Treebow

Aasimar Cleric of Ehlonna

Born: Xelonial, Amawa, Kashiki continent

Parents: Susan and Asimba Treebow

Favored Weapon: Longbow

Plant Ward: The Many-Leafed Purple Blossum

Deity: Elhonna

I was born on a rainy summer day in the forest, and it is told to me that when I was born my cries brought many forest creatures a cautious distance to the pasture where my mother fell to labor as my parents were returning from town. My mother wrapped me in fronds from near the water’s edge that my father brought her, and the savory aroma of the many-leafed purple blossum filled the air. My mother and father said when I was a boy that I’d transplant a few back to our cabin whenever I had the chance. Soon, we had a small field of them growing by our house.

When I was old enough, I was allowed to spend time in the forest temple of Ehlonna, where I watched the clerics perform their prayers and rituals to Ehlonna, and I learned to respect and honor the forest plants and creatures. We are all connected, big and small, and we’re all just trying to find our place in the infinite of spaces of this life.

On cold winter nights, my father would share stories of our ancestors, and one in particular that always amazed me was the great Aidan Cyrlon. Aidan wasn’t from our world; he was pure, good, and helpful to all that he met. He considered everyone and everything his friend. He even said those who chose him as an enemy shared a connection with him. Some say he could commune with the plants and animals of the world. He grew a famous garden outside the temple, that still grows to this day. Every plant there has had an unusually long life. The clerics of the temple who are allowed to partake of the fruits of the garden once they have a proven respect for the life there, have lived unusually longer life spans. They said if I became a cleric of Ehlonna, I too might one day be allowed to partake. I asked if there were any many-leafed purple blossoms there – “Perhaps, young one. Perhaps,” my father would say.

I have since joined the brotherhood of Ehlonna, spending my days happily tending to the chores and the grounds keeping of the temple. Most of the temple is open-air, but there are a few buildings. On a regular basis, I’ll go in and dust and sweep and bring the rugs out to hang and beat clean. The brotherhood isn’t particularly violent or aggressive, but some of my basic training involved learning proficiency with farm and garden tools as defensive weapons. I found my unique niche with excelling proficiency at the longbow. While it’s not very useful for gardening, there are occasionally those who would try to steal from the garden, and when reason fails we must be ready to defend lives of all kinds. I prefer to take non-lethal shots where it can be helped.

This fine day, I rose from my bunk and washed in the basin, then slid into my garments and robe. It was a bright day, so I put on my smoked glass spectacles and stepped outside with my favorite pipe, that I’d named Ellie. The sun shone warmly upon my face and as I drew in the first deep breath and the sweet, pungent smoke filled my lungs, I felt like this was a particularly blessed and glorious day. Ehlonna smiles upon us, the harvest will be plentiful.

As I walked up the steps to the main temple building, I grabbed hold of my broom and then I was shocked to see the temple doors lying on the ground. I cautiously stepped inside and looked around, ready to improvise my broomstick as a weapon. There were no intruders to be found, only several clerics and monks dumbfounded and a few sobbing trainees. The temple had been ransacked.

“Brothers, what happened here?” I say as I start to sweep up and right tables and chairs.
“Brother Treebow, we’ve had a robbery. The garden is fine, if not a little trampled, but it will revive. They were after the Seeds of Eternity, the seeds from which the garden was planted. They can not be harvested from the plants themselves, as they bear no seeds. But they are all that are left of what your ancestor Aidan brought to this world.”
“Bummer, man. What are you going to do?”
“We are sending you, Jeffrey, to locate the Seeds of Eternity, and since it will likely be a long journey, we will provide you with some coin and supplies to make your way. It isn’t much, but it’s all we can afford. If you are successful in your journey, you will be rewarded with a leadership role in our brotherhood, and be granted the privilege to partake in the garden.”
“Far out, man. Listen, brothers, I’m gonna miss you guys. But I’m gonna find those seeds and bring them back, man. Aw – would you look at that? They peed on the rug, man. I don’t want vengeance, but it’d be really nice if when I find them they would offer to replace the rug, man. I really liked it. It really tied the room together, man.”

I gathered my things and readied my pack, and then I said goodbye to the brothers and the forest home I’d known for all my life, and I headed into town to see what I could see.

At the town Inn, I stopped in and gifted the barkeep with a trimming of the many-leafed purple blossom, and he happily relayed that he’d overheard some drunkards rambling on about our great garden last night, and also that a message had arrived for me. What is this? I never get mail.

Jeffrey Treebow

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