Tales of Tolgard

Session 46

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

8th of Aen
Group loot: 90 pp, 10gp, 3sp, 3cp; (including Ramirez’s donated loot)
Cure Light Potion (1d8 + 1)
Guard Gear: Sh Sword (10 gp), Dastana (25 gp), Hy Steel Sh (20 gp), 4 cure light potions (190 gp)
2 potions of barkskin (2 Nat AC) (600 gp), 2 casks Spirits {Cuthwin & Coleman}
No Effie / One Gemstones at the Gold Level (Sapphire, Ruby) (3 missions to 3rd gemstone) (30(
2) done)

Ramirez hit Amber Level Copper
Mentioned the cloud issue and turned in the amulet.
2 loot boxes incoming…

Duskstone Amulet:
1500 gp
Violet garnet
M. Broach (Broach of Shielding) Protects against Magic Missiles (750 gp)

1300 gp
Fire Opal
Oil Painting (250 gp)
M. Light Flail (+1) (1150 gp)

Ragged wool clothing (0 gp)
Wand (-110) – Wand of Fear – ½ charges – (5250 gp)
2 daggers (2 gp)
Spellbook (30 gp)
3 empty leather pouches (5 sp)
2 daggers (2 gp)
2 great axes (20 gp)
1 longsword (8 gp)
1 small wooden shield (2 gp)

5 pouches
280 gold
3 eye agates (30 gp)
5 moon stones (250 gp)
2 amethysts (200 gp)
Scroll case – rolled up scroll – Maze (1500 gp)
(2gp case)
Golden cloak pen set with diamonds (1100 gp)

Gathering up the lootz
300 pp
1 Amethyst (100 gp)
M – Pair of Gauntlets (-110 ID) Leather gloves with arcane sigils. Gauntlets of Energy Transformation. Change energy type of any weapon you hold. (500 gp)
369 gp
8675 sp
M – spoon (-110 ID) Merlynn’s Spoon – empty container – thick, pasty gruel. (2700 gp)

22,238 gp
/5 = 4447.6 gp ea.

+ 2 wis item – sell for 2000 gp.
+4 wis item in Whisper – 14, 400 gp

Reports from Hilream about some people being snatched up and dragged into a giant cave by a rather large, odd-looking spider. Seemed to be grabbed from a distance and pulled in. City has put together a reward to deal with it. The cave or lair was unearthed when some of the miners in the area had broken through to a new chamber.
Thought about what I knew about the natural world – spiders have been known to throw webs at people to pull them back and feed on them.
Thought about spiders in this area: hunter version and the web slinger version. Hunters are faster- hunt on ground. Web slinger version are found underground – not as fast- better in small spaces. Both variants are poisonous…
Heading south to Hilren
Arrive in Hilren on the end of Aen the 8th
Tracked down the Mayor’s home
We’ve come from the Zegaran’s Adventurer’s Guild
Eastward 2-3 hours travel along the mining trail- up to the cave entrance- danger of being snatched up.
One of the few viable businesses here.
Probably go down to the tavern- talk to some of the miners who have made it out alive.
The ones without local ties have gone to other cities looking for work.
Best bet- the Diamond in the Ruff
Headed to the bar
4 or 5 people there- very, very empty
Talk to those miners over there…
Headed over.
Sent down here to deal with the spider problem.
Yeah, we saw it snatch up two of our fellow miners- seemed to shoot its fangs out and snatch them. Large thing with spikes all over it. Kinda bronze colored.
The first attack happened after we were digging through the mine and broke through another chamber. I believe none of them survived. That was when the first sitting of them happened.
Collecting metals for the local demand in the area- iron, copper, tin- occasionally a little gold or something else, gem maybe.
Any other creatures in the mine.
A couple buildings over to the hilren inn.
Leroy ordered the strongest thing in the bar…
You know, I have people come in all the time by ordering the strongest thing that we have. We’ve had too many deaths.
Produced a flash of boiling liquid. If you can deal with this, maybe next time… The cup was melting.
Leroy knocked it back.
(fort save 14) -2 wis
(paid for 3 more) [-6 wis damage]
He insulted the dwarves and stumbled off…
Went to the only inn
-10 sp for 2 rooms

9th of Aen
Followed the mining trail- to a semi-large cave.
Muddy footprints and larger prints of something else. Faint hint of blood mixed with it.
3 castings of ebon eyes.
We headed in.
Mining equipment scattered about- a broken wall at the far end with large rocks blocking.
No webs in evidence.
Cast fly on myself- checked out the gear. Looks to have been dropped in a hurry. Lying next to a vein of iron in the wall.
Creature the size of a pair of horses looms before you. 10 legs rather than 8. Eyes look like they belong on a human. Long mandibles.
When it came through the rubble it turned out to be a lot bigger than we thought. Two mandibles shot out like harpoons and me and the orc

It says something: You will be delicious…

It lashes out as it collapses, hitting the orc
Noises coming from the cave.
Moved up and cast greater stone shape to make a tunnel besides the spider’s corpse
The Half-Orc headed into the cave filled with web
Ramirez cast dark way over the webs
I cast fly on Lynette and flew into the new cave
Head and torso of an elf and the lower body of a spider. It shoots lightning from one of its claws.
Another monster floated over…
A missile of magical energy hit us.
Ramirez moved up and cast searing lights on the floating one doing impressive damage
Lynette took out the flying one with an amazing shot
Cast Bear’s on myself.
The orc managed to drop the other spider monster.


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