Tales of Tolgard

Session 12

NOTE: Question pending at the end of Soha 2nd before sleep.
Nerull island – From Xaxis
The Keshiki Cult of Nerull is particularly active in the Northern Keshuna region. Initially the cult was a lot more straight forward with its operations and but they realized the extra attention they were drawing to the region would spell disaster to their existence. They have for many years integrated themselves into the surrounding communities, often times hold positions of power within the community without overtly identifying their allegiance. If investigated closely, those who know code words and hidden symbols can find who is a member and what sites of Nerull cult friendly. As of late, there has been a sudden loss of key leadership and as a result many members are fighting for control of the cult by proving themselves with their deeds. This has led to a sudden increase in cult activity all over Keshiki.

50 gold to the group loot
50 gold to the church from Xaxis

Current group loot: 146 Gold
Soha the 3rd- Oliver approaches
120 gold to Oliver- 2 month
26 gold in the group loot

Lynette said- you served in the war?
Oliver replied- yes!
Lynette- which side?
Oliver- N. Kosuna all the way!
Lynette- huh…I’m glad you survived. You wouldn’t have if you had run into me.

Gauntlets of Ogre Strength – +2 str – ~4000 gold

Lynette seems a bit better kept today.
Wearing a suit of chainmail. Modified to move smoothly. Shoulder length hair in a bun.

Headed to the adv. guild
Checked the boards- the only one remaining is the spider hybrid job.
Additional info-
I had a special job- yesterday’s performance, some of us were kinda impressed with you guys audacity.
The Zagaran Adventurer’s Guild – to make tracking of our members a bit better.

If you could go down to Whisper- to pick up the Zag stones. More directions there.
How many days to whisper?
4 day trip to Whisper.
The job that you are trying to do is south towards Parrish about a day is where they’re having it.
Closer to us than is Parrish which is why we’re fielding the job.

Let’s go find Oliver…
We could do leather to platemail.
‘chain shirt’ barding – 400 gold per horse
‘full plate’ barding – 6000 per horse

800 gold total
Chain shirt is the heaviest we get without modifying their speed.
160 ea.

Xaxis throws in 2 amythysts for group loot/barding

-160 gold each
66 gold group loot.

Lynette chipped in 152 gold
Xaxis 160 gold (40 into group)
Gareth chipped in 160 gold
Tharr chipped in 160 gold
Merry chipped in 160 gold
(8 gold from group loot)
800 gold to Oliver to get chin shirt barding for both horses over the next two days
+50 gold for wagon modifications / supplies

Group loot it 8 gold

Watched the rest of my group killed just days ago
Assume you’ll die each day and then be pleasantly surprised when you aren’t.
We headed south to the spider monster..
An obvious battle- look like dead trolls.
Lynette did catch site of the group who did that job- I only saw a couple of them come in. I’d estimate at least 4 or 5.
They did have an emblem on their armor. It looked kinda like a blocky pyramid inside a circle.
Knowledge – 30 arcana – Troll
The only thing I know is that there is at least some interest in using fire effects on trolls.
Knowledge Geography – 17 – to know what kind of trolls might live around here.
Heard tell of troll type creatures in this region would be forrest troll or your general troll.
Knowledge Planes- 24 – Trolls?
Hear tale in a very obscure book that there is at least one report of a planar troll- which is horrendous- not sure about it. They can phase between planes.
Effie – says – looks like they were killed by professionals. Burnt and sliced, not necessarily in that order.

I sketched the troll.
There are two obvious bodies- probably dead for a couple of weeks.
The third body is not even complete. Looks like a dragon.
Knowledge Arcana 41 with assist.
What kind of dragon this was. Was a red dragon. Based on the size and understanding of red dragon anatomy. Probably a young adult- around 70 years old.
The skull is here- badly degraded.
I attempt to obtain some dragon’s teeth.
Rolled 18 dex.
Recovered on usable tooth.
I see an individual pop up behind some rocks and say:
The infinite abyss awaits you.

Gareth ran up the hill.
The skeletons of the troll rose and attacked Xaxis.
Giant skeletal trolls.
Xaxis did a turn- one of the trolls exploded.
I shot at the other one, dropped my bow, and pulled out my axe and shield for some melee fun.
Lynette nailed Merry- L: I had a brief flashback to the war- there’s Northies everywhere!

It dropped
In the distance we hear- a loud cacklin’- Hope you had fun, I’ll be back!

Back to the red dragon corpse- was not able to remove anything useful.
A troll bone could be used if you want to reanimate a troll or anything.
Sketch the troll and dragon bones.

Hit the road.
Searched the dragon corpse for things of value.
Noticed buried under the remains of one of the claws- a small crystal.
Blue white diamond holds a tiny adamantine emblem of a hammer.
Something to do with constructs…

We travelled the rest of the day and arrived at a small little farm as per the description.
Thanks for coming out here- I know were on the outskirts here. Me and my brother were out in the woods hunting and got attacked by the creature- a hybrid between a human and a spider creature.
It looked like a human but slighter- with a spider head.
I need you to find it and get rid of it and recover my brother’s body if possible.
Within my understanding of various things- there are types of creatures that are similar to that. Abberations to the world.
He gave us some pretty decent, detailed map of where they like to hunt. It came out of nowhere.
We got a rough description of the brother- common tunic, a hunting rifle (looks like a sword) – crossbow.
No jewelry – simple folk
Brown hair- a family ring (described the sigil) – crude looking ring, weird sigil of a deer on it. I’d like the ring back too. It’s been almost a week.

We headed out into the woods- dark.
Tried casting light on one of Effie’s flowers- it lit up her plane but not ours.
Gareth said- that my be our fallen hunter in that.
Walked over to the body- killed by a number of bite marks on the body as well as shredding/claw attack.
I remove the ring from the body.
We moved across the river where Effie heard movement.
Gangly human and bloated spider. Rounded spider head with bulbous black eyes.
We killed it.
Sketch the monster.
As far as I can recall, no value to this creature.

The farmer says yeah, we definitely need to get it buried.
Farmer says to put the monster head on the mantle.
I will send you back with his ring as a means of showing you have completed the job with this letter. Give them to the guild master.
We spent the night there.

Soha the 3rd-
How to see Effie
Does not resolve into a query that the book understands
I have Lynette 3 scales
31 scales total after giving her 3.
Loremaster home
The loremaster calls the Academy at Glacerin in the city of Glacerin, within the Western Versat Human Territories on the continent of Versat located on the Material Plane of 27-TRM his home. His living quarters are in the administrators tower in the center of the Academy. He does a lot of traveling however and spends an almost equal amount of time in Leenza Mountain in Sarcosa.

Wake up and it’s Soha 4th
Dug a grave and said a service.
Travelled back to Inferno
Handed him the letter and the ring.

We did just get a new job in- processing the details- check back tomorrow. This one’s an odd one.
Credited us for completion of that one.
The guy didn’t really have a whole lot- gave us this amethyst and 100 gold.
Head back to the inn to enjoy our free evening.

See Alt reality?
The inquiry does not resolve.

27-TRM mean?
Resolved to 27-TRM
It does open but it’s getting harder to open.
27-TRM is one of a myriad of realities connected by the ancient city of Tolgard. The name is a translation of the Tolgarian Language designation into the Common language. A portal to this reality exists in the trans-dimensional city of Tolgard. It is the origin reality of a distant relative of the Tolgarans that rediscovered Tolgard and reactivated its portal grid.

Checked for Tolgard (Know Geo)- recall that there is a location called Versat that was the site of a large explosion hundreds of years ago- but all accounts say the city was destroyed. History of wild magic surrounding the area. Spells do not work the way they are supposed to.

Checked for Sarcosa (Know Geo)- there is a continent to the slightly north east called Sarcosa which is a very extreme location- there is almost no trade going there since there are almost no settlements there with an ominous mountain there.

Merry asked Lynette- what’s your angle? What do you want out of life?
L: I have a specific skillset that doesn’t lend itself to sitting down and doing nothing. My experience with a bow has helped me in taking down targets. After the war I needed to stay busy. Need that purpose but I’m still grieving.

Called it a night.
Soha the 5th.
Tracked down Oliver. Wagon looks good and the horses look badass.
Got the shelf system installed.
Swung by the adventurer’s guild on the way out of town.
We have a report – one of the mansions here in town. Apparently there was some report of some sort of winged creature hanging out around there. The man of the house murdered his wife and killed himself. Someone to investigate the winged creature that was hanging around there. Eye witness reports- guy killed his wife and killed himself. Home owner’s assoc. want to make sure there are no threats in the house. A pretty decent amount in it.

We headed to the house- a couple of concerned citizens and some guards.
Guy was yelling out the window- wasn’t making a whole lot of sense. Slit wife’s throat with broken glass- then himself.
He looked like he wanted his whole spectacle to be seen.
Gist of it- he said, she knew things and she wasn’t telling him and she had to pay the ultimate price for the betrayal- he needed to cleanse her. He must inflict great pain that he deserved.
Headed in- take the stairs all the way up.

The woman rose a twisted aberration with wild eyes burning with malevolence. Teeth have become sharp, jagged needles. She slammed into Gareth.
Xaxis turned her- she exploded but there was a loud popping noise over her husband.
Heard a god awful noise behind us- way to ruin all my fun!
One of the beakers behind him turned into a flying creature and stung Gareth
Tiny little humanoid with a barbed tail, sharp twisted horns, winking into sight from out of thin air.
Gareth critted the shit out of it.
He’s got a neck wound. He’s wearing nobility clothing- rich people clothing.
We looked around- everything else in the room seems to be consistent.
What was that bat creature? (know planes) – Consistent with hell (devil)- something called an imp that really likes to mess with people.
Perhaps one or both of them had made some sort of deal?
The guards checked and we brought him with us.

Adv. guild- payment on record.
Gloves on the table. Dragonhide gloves.
Counted to coins- 700 gold coins.

Rings for you- turned in our gemmed copper rings.
Silver rings all.

900 gold
Dragonhide gloves – do not glow. (250 gold for them)
Red Dragon Tooth – (50 gold)
Crystal with hammer on it- does glow. (ID – 110 gold – demolition crystal. Designed to fight constructs. Attach it to a weapon and it deals additional damage to constructs. 1000 gold for it.)
+ 900 gold. (100 pp)
100 pp, 1090 gp
I could offer 400 for the amulet

20 pp ea., 218 gp
Group loot (with Lynette’s repayment) is 16 gp
Half day travel on the road – towards Whisper. Uneventful.

Evening of Soha the 5th
Recharge codex

The codex power source lasts anywhere from usually 9 to 12 inquiries before needing to be replaced. The replacement power sources can be acquired from the Loremaster or anyone with an intimate knowledge of wondrous item creation and the skill to create the necessary items. It is also possible to force recharge the internal power source by casting Greater Prying Eyes along with Permanency, although this comes with the chance of damaging the codex.

Camped out.
Lynette shared her background with us.
Closest settlement was Mizuna in South Keshuna
No one lives near the border- it’s haunted.
Xaxis ain’t afraid of no ghosts!


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