Dragonborn Paladin/Warlock who follows Corellon. Wearing mithral platemail, a shield, and wielding a war pick.

=Recent Events=
After surviving the test of the Hilowe Coliseum, Death’s Judgment took a couple of jobs from Lord Jasper Elmbrown II, a local noble. They first retrieved his nephew Mitch Elmbrown from a group of belligerent street performers he had fallen in with. Next they retrieved the Elmbrown Signet Ring that Jasper had managed to loose to some local thieves. The third mission from Jasper was to retrieve the Key Amulet from Aidan Felspar, a local merchant, and leave no witnesses behind.

Death’s Judgment, with more than a small measure of chicanery, managed to get into Aidan’s compound and kill most of the guards. Instead of completing Jasper’s mission they decided to listen to the merchant and ended up heading east with Whit Eye and the amulet to plumb the depths of the Warpstone Ruins.

Aidan Felspar
Lord Jasper Elmbrown II
Mitch Elmbrown

Berrol Rititit – the Bullywug Monk of Ramenos
Kavi – the Gnome Bard
Lacey – the Changling Psion
Pain – the Deva Invoker of the Raven Queen
Terak – the Half-Orc Ranger
Uther Baldricksson – the Dwarf Cleric of Marthammor Duin
Whit Eye – the Drow Avenger/Invoker
Yurie Zasperill – the Changling Rogue (Deceased)

Death’s Judgment – Founding Member

Last Known Location

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