ToT-2017 Session Notes


Session XP Total
Session 31 980/1484 26425
Session 32 1585/235 28000
Session 33 600/100 28600
Session 34 480/80 29080
Session 35 1120/280 30200
Session 36 960/160 31160
Session 37 960/300 32120
Session 38 1000 33120
Session 39 520 33640
Session 40 480 34120
Session 41 1920 36040
Session 42 300 36340
Session 43 320/370 36660
Session 44 1440/480 38100
Session 45 1080/280 39180
Session 46 1620/380 40800
Session 47 1305/435 42105
Session 48 540/180 42645
Session 49 405/75
Session 50 1170/270 44220
Session 51 1420/360
Session 52 1000/200
Session 53 190/250
Session 54 1400/490
Session 55 900/180
Session 56 188/37
Session 57 500/175
Session 58 250
Session 59 250
Session 60 500
Session 61 750 Just Killr and Tharr

Party Shifts

1st Tharr
2nd Noone
3rd Raimeriez

Year Change - 2329 HR/1151
|Uni 7th|Finish reading and set research|
|Uni 9th|Arrive at Whisper, business as usual|
|Uni 10th-13th|Travel to the Fortress of Fillith|
|Uni 13th-16th|Travel back to Whisper|
|Uni 17th-Uni 24th|Leveling up to 8|
|Uni 21st|Research Complete|
|Uni 25th|Travel to Xi, Amulet at 3 charges|
|Uni 26th|Travel to Dakenhudiem|
|Uni 27th-Uni29th|Travel to Perish|
|Uni 30th-Uni32nd|Chill in Perish, Amulet+1|
|Fate 1|Hunting Map Complete, leave for cave|
|Fate 1st-3rd|Travel to Cave|
|Fate 4|Dungeon Delve of Death|
|Fate 5-7|Arrive in Perish|
|Fate 8-10|Arrive in Dakenhudiem|
|Fate 11|Arrive in Xi|
|Fate 12|Midday Arrive in Whisper|
|Fate 13-15|Travel to Keep|
|Fate 16-23|Training for Eris|
|Fate 24-26|Return to Whisper|
|Fate 27|Courier sent|
|Fate 28-30|Travel to Firefeather|
|Juke 1st|Fight lizards and statues in Firefeather|
|Juke 2nd|Recover the Dymondheart, head for Whisper|
|Juke 3rd-Juke 8th|Arrive in Whisper|
|Juke 9th-11th|RARE and bail for Inferno|
|Juke 10th|Deepshade Founded, Trading Post, Inn completed. Hunters patches established|
|Juke 12th-14th|Ferry to Valreni|
|Juke 14th|Amulet Synced with Lynnette|
|Juke 15th|Around Valreni, basement dive|
|Juke 16th|Meet with the guild|
|Juke 16th-24th|Group Training
|Juke 25th|Group resumes, jump to Whisper|
|Juke 26th|Tharr returns, leave for Celethas|
|Juke 30th|Arrive Celethas|
|Aen 1st-6th|Travel to Enillos|
|Aen 7th|Off for the amulet|
|Aen 8th|Back in Enillos and travel to Hilreen|
|Aen 9th|Spider Hunting|
|Aen 10th|Rest day|
|Aen 11th|Day of business in Whisper|
|Aen 16th|Amulet Up|
|Aen 12-21st|Level Up for Raimeriez|
|Aen 22nd|Back in the saddle|
|Aen 23rd|Travel to Hilreen|
|Aen 24th-27th|Arrive in Tydra|
|Aen 28th|Tydra and leave for amulet hidden location|
|Aen 29th|Try to find the amulet in the woods|
|Aen 30th|Cave in the ground|
|Mai 1st-Mai 2nd|Sit around in a cave, arrive in Whisper|
|Mai 2nd|Try two, they might be giants|
|Mai 3rd|Teleport to Whisper,mid morning, liquify xaxis wealth|
|Mai 4th|Meet up with new people|
|Mai 4th-13th|Level up to 10|
|Mai 14th|Meet the new recruits, jump to Enillos|
|Mai 15th-Mai 16th|Travel to Serpent, blackout|
|Mai 16th|Nier’s Compass ready|
|Mai 17th|In Serpent, head out and return to Serpent after the cave incident|
|Mai 18th|We live here now – Serpent|
|Mai 19th|Leave for Silentbreeze, displacers|
|Mai 20th|Onward to Silentbreeze|
|Mai 21st|Head for Toshigo|
|Mai 22nd|Speak with dead party, go to Mizunah|
|Mai 23rd|Hanging in town|
|Mai 24th|Meeting with Lyre, travel 1/2 day|
|Mai 25th-26th|Travel towards Unity|
|Mai 27th-28th(4)|Travel towards Unity, look around, Muckhole Incident|
|Mai 29th(
6)|Time in Unity, travel to fog wall|
|Mai 30th(+8)|Ariawyn’s Tower, party goes missing|
|Fate 30th|Contract Concludes with C&C Security|

ToT-2017 Session Notes

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