ToT-2016 Session Notes


Session XP Total
Session 1 520 520
Session 2 300 820
Session 3 460 1280
Session 4 480 1760
Session 5 200 1960
Session 6 260 2220
Session 7 800 3020
Session 8 640 3660
Session 9 240 3900
Session 10 360 4260
Session 11 840 5100
Session 12 1020 6120
Session 13 740 6860
Session 14 720 7580
Session 15 1360 8940
Session 16 1510 10450
Session 17 1000 11450
Session 18 1440 12890
Session 19 800 13690
Session 20 1310 15000
Session 21 840 15840
Session 22 1560 17400
Session 23 600 18000
Session 24 1200 19200
Session 25 1440 20640
Session 26 840 21840
Session 27 1155/270 22995
Session 28 840/240 23835
Session 29 1330/230 25165
Session 30 280/80 25445

Party Activity and World Events

Dates Activity
Mezzo 8 Party forms at job board in Suki, recovers package, found Effi
Mezzo 9 Party worked some side jobs in Suki and got hired for guarding a shipment
Mezzo 10 Party sets out for Bichi, encounters attacked wagon
Mezzo 11 Attacked by Gnolls at campsite
Mezzo 12 Arrive late in Bichi
Mezzo 13 Complete contract
Mezzo 13-14 Party trains(lvl2)
Mezzo 15 Party puts together a wagon package and hired Oliver, Leave for Gosuna
Mezzo 16 Travel Day to Gosuna(.5-1.5)
Mezzo 17 Meet Guardians of the Green, arrive in Gosuna, city exploring
Mezzo 18 Party leaves for Bichi
Mezzo 19 Arrive in Bichi, help with wolf ** 1500 – Tome of Worldly Memory
Mezzo 20 Some time in Bichi
Mezzo 21 Travel towards Suki
Mezzo 22 Bugbear Battle
Mezzo 23 Arrive at Suki
Mezzo 24 Shopping in Suki
Mezzo 25 Day of the Ship Leaving
Mezzo 26-Mezzo 27 At sea
Mezzo 28 Abandoned Ship Encounter
Aura 1-2 At Sea
Aura 3 Meet the other passengers, the incident
Aura 4-8 At Sea
Aura 8 Contract ends for Oliver
Aura 11 Pass the north bound ship
Aura 27 Ship Arrives in Inferno
Aura 28 The Church Incident
Aura 29 Murder at the farm
Soha 1 Lose Jeff, Meet Lynette, Wagon is finished
Soha 2 The Threefer
Soha 3 Contract ends for Oliver, travel south on the Spider Blob Job
Soha 4 Return to Inferno
Soha 5 Meet up with Oliver, The imp job, travel half day towards Whisper
Soha 6 Day for travel and the the troll incident
Soha 7-8 Travel to Whisper
Soha 9 Arrive in Whisper
Soha 10-13 Level Up to 4
Soha 14-19 Travel to Firefeather
Soha 20th Cliff Diving with Harpy and Wyvern
Soha 21st Spider Swarm, Bugbears on a bridge
Soha 22nd Pick up ladder, rest
Soha 23-Soha 27th (23)Travel to Folly (11 Scales in party, 5 in bucket)
Soha 28th (24) Dire Situation and chill 6 Scales
Soha 29th Buzz-time and Lizard UN 7 Scales
Soha 30th Start traveling on the coast 6 scales
Blee 1st Traveling to Inferno
Blee 2nd The insects, Oliver defeated
Blee 3rd-5th Uneventful travel
Blee 6th Arrive in Inferno 12 scales
Blee 7th-11th Level to 5th, Effi Leaves 13 scales
Blee 12th Crocodile Craziness
Blee 13th Depart for Perish
Blee 14th Rustys attack at night
Blee 16th Arrive in Perish at Noonish, Horrors
Blee 17th Trouble with Troggs
Blee 18th Travel
Blee 19th Run in with Runehounds
Blee 20th Arrive in Dakenhudiem, Vampire and the heads
Blee 21st Hang in town
Blee 22nd Arrive in Hilfer
Blee 23rd Hill Giant Encounter, Effi arrives at Glacerin
Blee 24th Back in Hilfer and go to Dakenhudiem
Blee 25th Head for Xi
Blee 26th Leave for Whisper, Arrive noon, complete megaquest
Blee 27th-Vasta 2 Leveling to 6
Vasta 3 Inn Trouble Now
Vasta 4-5 Hanging at the Build Site
Vasta 6 Heading Home
Vasta 7th Day in Whisper, go to XI
Vasta 8th Travel to Dakenhudiem
Vasta 9th-11th Travel to Perish
Vasta 12th On The Fence
Vasta 13th Hang around Perish
Vasta 14th Travel and Stuff
Vasta 15th Attempt the Labyrinth
Vasta 16th Arrive in Perish
Vasta 17th Traveling to Dakenhudiem
Vasta 18th Ran into a Hydra
Vasta 19th Arrive in Dakenhudiuem
|Vasta 20th
Arrive in Xi
Vasta 21st Travel to Whisper, snakes
Vasta 22nd Find a box in the wall, leave for Firefeather
Vasta 23rd-Vasta27th Traveling to Firefeather, Storm on the 25th
Vasta 28th Arrive in Firefeather
Vasta 29th The Family Crypt
Vasta 30th Funeral Incident, Contract Concludes with C&C Security
Drezdin 1st Travel to Whisper
Drezdin 5th ZAG Expansion Project Begins
Drezdin 6th Arrive in Whisper
Drezdin 7th-13th Leveling to 7
Drezdin 14th Incident at the Priestess’ caravan
Drezdin 14th-17th Travel to Inferno
Drezdin 18th Travel to Wolfhead Lodge, fight some wolves
Drezdin 19th Travel back to Inferno
Drezdin 20th Defeat minion vampire, found a door
Drezdin 21st Found puzzle entrance to Wizard’s Order
Drezdin 22nd Find a Shushi-O
Drezdin 23rd-26th Travel to Perish
Drezdin 29th Travel to Dakenhudiem
Drezdin 30th Contract Concludes with C&C Security
==Year Change - 2329 HR/1151==

ToT-2016 Session Notes

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