Tolgard was a city known long ago throughout the Western Versat Human Territories for their great magical experiments and research, strange lights, and some claim floating sections. The city was occupied by a civilization that had been present before the humans from Lesherac and Keshiki arrived. Without warning in 1183 HR on Aura 4th, the entire city was seemingly destroyed completely in a flash of light leaving behind ruins and no sign of the Tolgaran people.

What exactly caused the sudden ruin of Tolgard had been rumored and many believed dark magics might have had a hand in it. After the destruction, many years passed with not even a whisper of a clue as to what occurred. Since it was unsafe to live anywhere near the site of the town for 500 or so years, any information that could have been collected was gone when it was safe to return. The ground covered with a reddish dust and the site as a whole glowed a light red as well.

Discoveries and similarities related to the wild magic field around the Magelands in Sarcosa suggested that the wizards in Tolgard may have accidentally (or intentionally) created wild magic, a feat not considered possible at the time. Unfortunately, all of their research records were lost in the devastation.

The town of Gremsdale was founded outside of the dangerous area surrounding Tolgard. Now all that remains at the site of the city is what locals have called the Ruins of Tolgard.

The Non-Reality of Tolgard

More recently, in 2319 HR on Mai 7th, the city of Tolgard was rediscovered by a group of adventurers who had been shunted to an alternate reality (R1) and found one of the active footprints of the city and gained access to its secrets.

The city of Tolgard now exists (loosely) in a non-reality. The tolgarans had managed to achieve knowledge of procedures that could remove their city and everything in it from all instances of all realities and unify the city into a singular non reality just big enough to hold all of Tolgard. Part of their procedure involved the creation of an illusory set of ruins in all realities the city existed in. These ruins radiate wild magic as an after-effect of what was accomplished.

When the city was removed from all realities, it was not possible to remove that amount of material from realities without causing a collapse of disastrous proportions, and so a place holder dome was inserted automatically somewhere on every reality so the net loss or gain on all realities was nothing. This placeholder or “footprint” allows the city to fit on every reality without causing the displacement of anything else. Each dome is completely opaque and seems to glow constantly. There is a single dome somewhere in every reality, and more often then not somewhere on the material plane. Each dome is indestructible by any known magic or means because it is created by complex alterations of that reality.

The city itself jumps every so often to another reality. The city actually doesn’t go anywhere but is attached momentarily to the dome of a specific reality. At that time, someone who was of partial Tolgaran blood could make part of the dome wall passable. One such ancestor was responsible for the first people to enter Tolgard who were not the Tolgarans. After that occurred, some of the restrictions on access were withdrawn. Before then, those who were too far from tolgaran blood would have problems entering, such as an elf or dwarf.

=Tolgard Quick Facts=

  • 32 Welcome Centers each with a matching dormitory offer visitors a chance to learn about the city, its people, and its language
  • Tolgaran language contains 512 different letters and takes more then a week of vigorous training to learn by even the most learned individuals.
  • The city can emulate some beneficial divine spell effects but divine magic doesn’t actually work in Tolgard because the deities have no influence there.
  • The city prevents all aggressive spells and actions and protects those within from aggression to a certain degree.
  • The city’s main functionality had to be unlocked by a descendant of the Tolgarans but is now mostly usable by anyone.
  • The city has some of its information stored in a crystal information database and an effort to enter more of the books into this database is underway.
  • The Gateway Grid contains 128 main portals numbered 1 – 128, and no known limit to the portals found through those main portals in the gateway hallways.
  • Each portal with the gateway hallways has a unique tolgaran letter combination inscribed on it which when combined with the hallway number forms the generally accepted reality address of the reality that portal leads to.

Knowledge of a Lifetime

When the first new visitors to the city arrived, the Tolgarans were already gone. It is believed that the Tolgarans managed to find a way to transcend their mortal forms and achieve powers to rival even the gods, but through knowledge instead of divine means.

The visitors managed to gain entry to a welcome center set up to inform those that would follow after the Tolgarans and discover the city. The welcome center had a simulated image of one of the Tolgarans that would scan the language of those who entered and adjust its message to their tongue. This image was programmed to inform the visitors of what the city had to offer as well as the last recorded moments of the Tolgarans before they achieved their next form.

Near each welcome center found through out the city, is a smaller building for living quarters. Though none of the living quarters could support more then a couple dozen people, its accommodations are significant for smaller groups of knowledge seekers to survive within the city.

The city, though laying empty of people, contained countless books within hundreds of towers though out the city documenting all that was collected of knowledge. The books contained everything that could be repeated, procedures, spells, instructions, history, for countless realities. Asking one of the many help center images would direct you to the proper building to find the knowledge on a specific topic. The image was able to project a map of the city and highlight which buildings exactly.

All that the Tolgarans knew was placed somewhere in the city, even how to remove an entire city from reality as they had done to Tolgard. Apparently, the reason the Tolgarans created the non-reality Tolgard exists in was because their knowledge had started to worry the deities of their worlds. In an effort to remove any remaining power the deities had over the Tolgarans, the moved Tolgard out of the realm of influence by making their city not exist to the deities. As a result, divine magic does not work properly in Tolgard. Spells that were deemed necessary such as healing are simulated by the city when it detects an attempt to cast such a spell.

The knowledge within the city is offered to anyone who gains access to the city, has the ability to learn and use it, and who will not use it for bad purposes. Those who gain this knowledge are expected to watch over all else who gain the knowledge and ensure it does not get misused.

The city has built in mechanisms and effects that constantly monitor all activity in the city, and will repress any problems that are detected. Non aggressive spells may work based on what their usage is. This background influence allows the city to support and cohabitate all manner of creatures who wish to learn, who even under other circumstances might take aggression against each other.

In the center of the city lies a huge fountain that is the location of the Gateway Grid, one of Tolgard’s greatest achievements. When activated by those who are powerful enough to complete the procedure and incantations, would allow access to all realities though a series of portals to hallways lined with near endless additional portals. Each portal allows access to one particular reality, and once a reality is ‘unlocked’, that reality will have direct access back to the Gateway Grid through the return portal and subsequently Tolgard.

There is still so little known about Tolgard as its knowledge has only just begun to be shared with those who peruse its tomes. Many great things will come from what is to be found within.


All designations of realities are in the Tolgaran Portal System
The addresses are a combination of a main portal number and a designation of subportal in a sequence of Tolgaran letters.
=Gate Sites=
1-A: Gateway in Timgodobihi.
27-TRM: Leenza Mountain, Magelands in Sarcosa, Material Plane

27-TRM: Ruins of Tolgard in Western Versat Materia.
12-HRE: Northeast Wildlands Pennisula, Versat, Material Plane
5-UI: Iogas Island, Material Plane
7-FLR: Unknown location, Material Plane
23-JABZG Klowvale, Aebios, Material Plane

=Nearby Settlements=
27-TRM: Gremsdale in Western Versat.


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