Thea Cherryblossom


Thea Cherryblossom (2297 HR – Present)

=Early Years=
Thea Cherryblossom was born on the 5th of Mai, 2297 HR to a loving family of halflings. Her parents lived on a small farm just southwest of Gongar in the kingdom of Cragon. They had initially emigrated from Versat eight years before she was born with the promise of cheap, fertile land and low taxes. Their dreams were realized and they turned their life savings into a ten acre farm where they grew barley. Business was good and the citizens of Gongar were thirsty- the Cherryblossoms had a good life.

All of that changed in 2305 HR when a hobgoblin raiding party attacked the farm. Although they fought hard, her parents and little Thea were captured, beaten, and dragged off into slavery to the small iron mine the hobgoblins ran a few days to the east of Gongar.

The failure of not defending his family and losing the farm he loved ate away at her father and he soon gave up on life and died under the overseer’s whip. Thea’s mother lasted a little longer and, when she could steal a moment or two, encouraged and spoke to her daughter. She told her to do everything she was asked and more so that she might get one of the easier jobs working in the barracks or even the chief’s house. She knew that was her best chance of survival and possible escape. Thea took her mother’s words to heart and held them close even after she passed away.

Her willingness to work was noticed in time and she began to receive some of the easier jobs. As she excelled in these new positions, she caught the chief’s eye. He saw that her parents were dead and felt she would be a good candidate as his personal servant. The only thing she needed was a little training and she could began to watch over his affairs.

This training included a daily regiment of torture which gave her an extensive collection of scars from both fire and acid. Still, she bore it all stoically and, satisfied that she knew what awaited her if she should fail, he allowed her to watch over his hut.

He soon learned she could read a little and had a head for figures, so in time she began to keep the books for the work camp. As time went on and she served him faithfully, she became his blade bearer. The is the highest position of trust given to slaves that is almost equal to a member of the tribe in rights and responsibilities. She was even allowed to carry a small dagger to defend herself and the interests of the Bloated Corpse Tribe.

She gladly went through it all until one night a few weeks before her sixteenth birthday. That evening, after the camp had gone to sleep, she returned all the gifts the chief had given her. She slid the symbol of the trust he had given her into his left kidney and, while he was writhing in pain, gagged and manacled him. Knowing time was of the essence, she only allowed herself four hours to torture him to death, showing him that she had paid attention to his clinical usage of acid and flame. Taking all the coin she could lay hands on, she threw the books that she had slaved over for the last few years into the fire, gathered up her few belongings including her journal, and left the camp behind.

She made her way to the south. Knowing that she would never be strong enough to face the tribe in fair combat, she sought a magical edge to assure that their next meeting would go very bad for them. She studied the art of sorcery at the Featherfall Academy and in time gained no small skill in the arcane arts.

=Recent Events=
In early 2319 HR Thea made her way back to Cragon and then joined up with a group of adventurers. She may have found in them the strong band of adventurers that can assist her in her final revenge for the death of her parents and the loss of her childhood. Although her body has long since been healed by magic, the scars she received there run deep and ache each day that the ground does not run red with the tribe’s blood.

After defeating Larry in combat, Thea was unable to free Rhia or Charista from his Wand of Stuff. Satisfied to leave the strange little elf human thing in the tender care of the town guards, she left Shaypek behind to seek her fortunes, and revenge, elsewhere.

Thea’s Journal

Blank McStandatgaet
Duke Stomphoof
Jib Swollenleaf

Charista Moscow
Kitara Bullrusher

Bloated Corpse Tribe

Related Locations
Gongar in Lesherac – Hometown
Featherfall in Lesherac – Alma Mater

Last Known Location
Shaypek in the kingdom of Cragon on the continent of Lesherac.

Thea Cherryblossom

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