Sparkfinger Dwindledrop


Sparkfinger Dwindledrop


Sparkfinger Dwindledrop is a crazy little halfling. Also, he is a twin. His twin sister, Azaeladew is purely good-hearted compared to Sparkfinger’s wild chaotic streak. He grew up with his family in the dwarven city of Stout.

He and his sister set out to explore in the Eastern Versat Human Territories when their mother died. She was a seer. She had a natural tie to the elemental powers of the world that she never learned to control. Her unchecked power left her often as an object of fear and ridicule, the pain of which was constantly felt by her children who did not understand why people acted so strangely toward their beloved mother. They were especially worried when they discovered that they showed similar talents.

After their mother passed on to the next life, they left the home of their father to hide their talents and protect their father who innocently suffered for love of his wife. Their venturing into the eastern territories led them to discover an exotic eastern discipline to control their elemental powers. Sparkfinger’s chaotic nature drove him to focus on the element of fire, drawn to it by the unpredictable nature and potential for the duality of support and destruction.

=Recent Events=
He and Azaeladew recently applied for membership to the Protectors and have joined a group of fledgling adventurers under the mentorship of veteran member Slog Ogrebane.

Azaeladew Dwindledrop – Sister.

Bimpto Mardfoodle
Maurice Lionbrave
Htaed Scythsoul
Anhaba Glenville
Mylenn Patricia
Uriel DeAvery

Hogie Quintestca
Slog Ogrebane

Protectors – Member
Dragon Force – Founding Member

Xanaphia Siannodel

Last Known Location
Beneath Trezna in the Elvish Northlands.

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Sparkfinger Dwindledrop

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