Shifter the Druid


Shifter (2286 HR – Present)

Shifter was born near the village of Windy Tree in 2286 HR. He was abandoned in the woods when he was still young and lived a feral existence there. Some local druids eventually reached out to the boy and began to teach him their ways.

After a time, Shifter claimed a cave as his home. It was there he came face to face with his future friends. He’d observed them playing in the woods often and one day decided to let them find him. He soon became friends with Miriam, Tyvo, and Gob. They had many adventures together as they explored the worlds of their imagination.

One day, quite unexpectedly, Tyvo, Gob, Miriam, and Shifter found themselves away from their home and to an area near Gremsdale. The group of long time friends found themselves with no memories for a short while, but soon enough started on a quest. When they reached the town of Roughrock Shifter felt a calling from the nearby woods and left his longtime friends.

Interview by Belasarius the bard.


Last Known Location
Near Roughrock in the Western Versat Human Territories.

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Shifter the Druid

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