Sarcosa is one of the continent in the world of Materia. The continent of Sarcosa is located northeast of Versat across the Sapphire Sea. Sarcosa lies further east in the Sapphire Sea then the continent of Keshiki and further north as well. Little contact between people of Sarcosa and Keshiki occurs.

The people of the continent look like their western counterparts though have developed skills and culture that allows them to live in the the harsher environments found on Sarcosa.

Many westerners that find the Sarcosan landscape very odd and show a significant interest in the way the weather reacts there. Also the Magelands surrounded by an apparent magic field that alters magic, which is extremely interesting to spellcasters on both continents. The port of Ching is the best place to take a ship to Sarcosa from the continent of Versat.

There are several weapons that are traditionally used in Sarcosa.

The continent of Sarcosa is divided into the following regions:

Other bodies of land:

A color image of the continent.
A large Color World Map.


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