Raiders of the Forsaken Dragon


Raiders of the Forsaken Dragon was formed on Mezzo the 8th, 2328 HR with the chance meeting of Tharr Minemelter, Xaxis Salizar, Jeffrey Treebow, Merry Wrenwright, and eventually Gareth Strongboard in Suki, Amawa, Keshiki. Their first job together was helping Lesko Broaden with some inventory shrinkage issues at West Suki Trading Company which eventually led to the hostile takeover of Shipshape Shipping. The newly formed mercenary band took additional odd jobs around Suki and eventually additional jobs across the island of Amawa.

In time their adventures took them south, across the Sapphire Sea, on the good ship The Emsworth. After a few nautical and temporal adventures, the brave band found themselves in Inferno on Zegara. There they soon enough joined Zegaran Adventurers and worked hard to make Zegara safe- for the right price.

Recent Events
Some say the Raiders have expanded from their work with the Zegaran Adventures to taking some freelance work with the Relic and Artifact Recovery Enterprises. It is also rumored that they have fallen in with the newly-established cult of Lady Azana, becoming the hand-picked enforcers of her will, meting out justice and death against all who would stand in her way.

Associated People
=Active Members=
Carl Chance
Corvellus Autumnborn
Kilir Rockjaw
Schloddy Badfast
Tharr Minemelter
Zeff Stormshield

=Retired Members=
Jeffrey Treebow (Soha the 1st, 2328 HR) – Seeking the Seeds of Eternity.
Gareth Strongboard (Fate the 13th, 2329 HR) – Working with the Guardians of the Green.
Leroy (Aen the 12th, 2329 HR) – Returned to his home monastery.
Lynette Azalia (Mai the 3rd, 2329 HR) – Working for Lady Azana full time now.
Sir Ramirez (Mai the 23rd, 2329 HR) – Working for Lady Azana full time now.

=Reserve Members=
Effilaeradyn (Blee the 7th, 2328 HR) – Seeking the Loremaster.
Eris Nilodian (Juke the 25th, 2329 HR) – Helping to run Deepshade with Coleman and Cuthwin.
Tordek Deepdelver (Mai the 3rd, 2329 HR) – Starting a mercenary/merchant guard service out of Deepshade.
Xian Furt (Mai the 14th, 2329 HR) – Adventuring elsewhere.

=Back from the Dead Members=
Carl Chance (Mai the 22nd, 2329 HR)
Lynette Azalia (Mai the 3rd, 2329 HR)
Sir Ramirez (Mai the 22nd, 2329 HR)

=Deceased Members=
Merry Wrenwright (Vasta the 29th, 2328 HR)
Xaxis Salizar (Mai the 3rd, 2329 HR)

Osfrid – Missing
Oliver Barrune – Deceased (Blee the 2nd, 2328 HR)

Loremaster Letter
Mysterious Suki Letters
The Dude Goodbyes
Box Job Letter

Loremaster Codex
Deeper Lore Results

Deepshade Coffers

  • 500gp
    • Cuthwin (4/day)(120/month)(Due Juke 1)
    • Coleman(4/day)((120/month)(Due Juke 1)

Modes of Transportation
Heals on Wheels Carriage
The Emsworth
Heals on Wheels Carriage Mark II

Specialized Gear
The Spider Web

Current Contracts

Past Contracts

  • Hired Help (8/day)
    • C&C Security
      • (8gp/day) – Cuthwin
      • (8gp/day) – Coleman

Raiders of the Forsaken Dragon

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