Needs Work - Legacy


These are terms that need to be added separated by what type of term it is and who its waiting on to be done. Player background elements are specific to a player and they should fill in that term in a timely manner, or give permission to another. Everyone section is public domain terms where anyone can contribute, and Waiting on Marq, as the title implies, is a term reserved for the [[|DM]] to add.

Character Background
Waiting on Brad:

Old Stuff


The Radiant Vessel of Thesk, The Black Knight of Arabel, Sense of Wonder

Lost Temple of the Fey Gods:

Heirloom: Tessele Swiftwater, Saku, Solta Dar, Heljara, Callie Felder, Pela, Yanna, Kovic, Felzoun’s Folly, Hull and Saku’s Imports, Felder’s Pawnshop, Thirsty Sailor, Thirsty Throat, Gelfurilson Traders, Kovic’s Bazaar, Fang, Hal’s Boots, Orlamm Rivenstone, Ran Grifstone, Dala Silmerhelve, Hal, The Gentle Rest, Marlak Buckman

Rotting Ruins of Galain:

Many Hands Make Light Work:

The Village of Hommlet:

Waiting on Marq
master xilian, uther kyush
ag126-npw, agn4th
notes2325, notestime2325

=Information Requested from Old Character Sheets=
Example: What was so-and-so’s race, Who was in the group with Whats-his-face

1) Marq, what is the name of the mountain range that Hammerfall is dug into? Windpeak Mountains

2) <===>

3) Could you create a map for Fallcrest and the surrounding environs (Stonemarch, Cairngorm Peaks, Keep on the Shadowfell, Winterhaven, Nentir Vale, Cloak Wood, Kobold Hall, King’s Road, Moon Hills, The Ruins of Saruun Khel, Thunderspire Labyrinth, etc.)?

4) Could you make a world map ( that includes Xandain?
Also, is it in the same scale as it displays? (Same scale)
There isn’t a legend on the map- if that could be added, road lengths could be calculated…

Bastent Tarrant, Havy Alequencher, Kava, Sephenoid, Trilick Opaleye, Mara-Kai

=Requested (0)=
Submit this information to [[|Marq]] or [[|Ozy]] directly, or fill in appropriate entry. One month after notification, this information will be filled in for you.

Birthdays are not required but will be listed below to remind people.

Needs Work - Legacy

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