Narwyn (2186 HR – Unknown)

Narwyn, upon reaching his fiftieth year, could no longer control his wanderlust. He set out to the north from his hometown of Trezna to the bustling port of Aigrenia. Rebelling against his parents strong beliefs in Corellon Larethian, he sought a fate free of the interference of all deities.

He found a job there working on the docks and for a time eked out a living there. He was a bit naive, so when the sailors offered to buy him drink after drink one night after work he gladly accepted.

When he woke the next day he realized, through the alcohol haze, that he had been impressed into service on a pirate ship. As the days melted into weeks as more and more of his fellow ‘recruits’ died under the captain’s lash, Narwyn began to despair. Finally he made a mistake and was sent to the brig, facing execution the following morning.

In desperation he cried out that night to the god of his parents, Corellon Larethian, for aid promising a lifetime of service in exchange for his life. Whether or not divine providence occurred or just a happy coincidence, before dawn the next day a cutter from the elven navy caught up with the ship and Narwyn was freed.

Recalling his vow he returned to his hometown and embraced a life of service to his deity. In time he gained great renown and decided to head south to bring the light of truth to the heathen masses. Joining a group of adventurers, he was last seen leaving Arturo seeking adventure.


Claudius Augustius Astralshade
Gonahnadel Moonsong
Delistra Sapphire
Fashim Burak
KeystoneBronze Dragon

Last Known Location
West of the intersection of road between Arturo and Hayfield in a fortress in the Western Versat Human Territories.


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