Nadia Valleron

Aida (Aid-Ah)/ Nadia (Nah-D-ah)

Nadia Necrophagia, Amelia the Noble, Trezna Lich

nadiaclose.JPGLady Aida Nicole Valleron was born in Talisman in the year 2291HR. She was brought up with a very good education, and given the best training available. Raised with a noble upbringing, the values of her family were instilled in her from an early age. Her childhood was filled with lessons on how to be elegant and proper as is custom in Talisman nobility.

Her real passion though, lay in the classes she took from local masters of spellcasting. She took interest right away to both arcane and divine magic pursuits with an unquenchable enthusiasm. She was especially fascinated with death to the point of an unhealthy obsession. Her family for the most part just tried to tell themselves she would grow out of it when she got older.

This was not the case though. She reached an age where she decided she must find her independence having been couped up in Talisman most of her life. Aida used her nickname, Nadia, to form and assume the adventuring name of Nadia Necrophagia. Her nickname was derived from her first name and middle initial backwards (Aida N → Nadia). She headed south from Talisman with a brief goodbye to her family.

Nadia was finally traveling out on her own for the first time and ran into Clavidicus the Bold, a big brute of a man on her way out of Talisman. Knowing she would need someone to protect her if things got too rough, she gladly accepted Clavidicus as a traveling companion. Upon reaching the creepy little village of Windy Tree, Nadia and Clavidicus found a pale woman deposited among some trash next to the inn. The brought her to and led her into the inn with them. She introduced herself as Allium Canadense and said she couldn’t remember much about herself or how she got in the alley next to the inn.

They learned from the barkeep that the village was having some problems recently with weird things in the graveyard which the trio decided to investigate. After exploring inside the graveyard, they beat back a few strange creatures and retired for the evening. That night, Allium had the most horrible dreams.

The three of them did some more adventuring in the surrounding area for a few years doing simple little things here and there to gain experience. Then they decided to split up to pursue their own special interests for a little while. Nadia headed south hearing about a cult that were involved in strange practices and rituals. Allium headed north with Clavidicus towards Glacerin.

nadiamid.JPGIn mid 2318 HR, Nadia was kidnapped and held for ransom. She was found inside a prison cell in a torture room almost starved to death by some adventurers that had no idea of her noble blood and the real reason she was there. The adventurers that had found her let her out of the cell. She helped them to defeat the cult members within the ruins exacting her own special blend of revenge. She stayed with these adventurers for a while helping them with a murder investigation in Gremsdale.

One day though, Allium came looking for her requiring Nadia’s help elsewhere. There were some problems back in Precosia that Allium needed Nadia’s help with. Clavidicus had gotten himself in trouble with the law there and needed Nadia and Allium to help him get off the hook. She said goodbye to her adventuring friends and headed off into the night with Allium to go help her friend.

On the way to Precosia, the two stopped in Talisman for the night. Nadia secretly made away in the middle of the night to return to her home long enough to tell her family she was safe and that she was traveling further north for a while.

Not too soon after, both of her parents fell victim to assassins sent by enemies of the House Valleron. Nadia was called back to Talisman assume control of the House and be the primary leader of the governing body in Talisman. Although revenge was on her mind, it had to be put aside temporarily, but not forgotten.

More recently, she decided to travel up north to Glacerin. While visiting, she contacted Miach Alastair asking if she could listen to his adventuring stories and maybe travel with his group. Miach told Aida she could join them for a task involving traveling to the Elvish Northlands to help with a drow problem.

After leaving Glacerin and traveling through Precosia, the group was visited by a friend of Aida’s named Allium Canadense. She stayed at the campground for the night including a run in with some strange creatures that attacked the party as they slept. After that battle, Aida and Allium left the group to go speak with their friend in Precosia and then head back to Talisman.

It bothered Aida greatly that she kept having to give up the adventuring life because problems keep coming up. She still makes every effort she can to talk with adventurers to hear about their journeys so she can live a little bit of the thrill of their struggles through the stories they tell.

Since her sister Cassandra is of age to finally take control of the house, Aida has been able to get free of the bonds of running the family to pursue the adventures she seeks. Hearing word of an adventuring party including an acquaintance of hers that would be in the area, she took the noble turned adventurer, Diedrum, whom she had taken under her wing for some time, out to meet this group with her.

Aida and Diedrum have had the opportunity to adventure together with this new adventuring group including Hogie Quintestca, an elf, Crystal Waters, a mischievous pixie, Larry, a human firebringer, and Velphia Moonblossom a shapechanger.

This new group of hers saw her army raise to great numbers and drop to none just as fast. They’ve been around the continent of Versat and sometimes to further away places. Interest in some of the events and people in the Elvish Northlands lead the group to want to visit Trezna. Along the journey, they caught a teleport to the war torn sections of the elvish lands where they decided to not get involved in the fighting around there.

She had the opportunity to meet up with some of the more influential people in her chosen school of magic including visits to Trezna. She was also invited to join

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Nadia's Entourage
Her Entourage

Nadia Quotes
Some people think the world shouldn’t be ruled by an all powerful necromancer. Those people are called heroes. So their souls are forfeit to my unholy army of undead! But I haven’t a thing to wear.

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Fenhi Sparkstaff
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Grimtooth Pirates

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Nadia Valleron

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