Myrna Jessley

Myrna Jessley(? – 3rd of Aura, 2318 HR) (Resurrected 12th of Uni, 2319 HR – Current)

Myrna Jessley was a beautiful young woman who lived in the town of Flashbrook. Her father was the tailor in the Travelers District of the town, and she had been studying her fathers craft. Unfortunately, she didn’t finish her apprenticeship.

In the spring of 2318 HR, Myrna became smitten with a young man who was performing at the White Falls Inn. On stage he called himself Deepsoul, and she could hear in his songs the truth in this stage name. She began thinking about him throughout her days, and people would often find her not paying attention, staring distractedly at nothing. One night she finally worked up the courage to approach Deepsoul after a performance. As he was leaving the stage, she met him before he could go through the back door to the private rooms. She introduced herself quickly and admitted her feelings all in one breath. The young man was taken aback, and she feared she had said too much. However, he invited her to catch her breath and to come sit and talk with him in his room. She learned that the man was actually Diedrum Dunan, son of the noble Dunan family. She felt so embarrassed about saying such things to a noble, but he assured her that he actually despised the strict lifestyle to which the nobles were expected to adhere and was more than pleased to receive such praise from such a beautiful girl.

Myrna and Diedrum spent as much time together as they could in the following weeks. He would sneak away from his parents, and meet Myrna at a tree by the shore of Stillwater Lake. They would sit and talk and as evening fell, they would continue their conversations under the stars. Diedrum would bring his lute and play for her. Neither of them had ever been so happy.

It was not to last, however, and one night while Diedrum was performing at the inn, his fathers guard came and they caught him to drag him home. Diedrum left Myrna with instructions to wait for him by their tree each evening for a week, saying that if he did not meet her there in that time then he had died trying. Myrna spent the next week of warm summer nights waiting, until on the last night the head guardsman that had come after Diedrum that night showed up to speak with her. He tried to offer her money to leave and never speak of Diedrum again to anyone. Myrna outright refused. The guard drew a dagger and threatened to kill her if she did not accept the offer and just leave the Dunan family to its own business. Again, she refused. The guardsman then said something that struck her like a physical blow. He told her that Diedrum had been killed in his attempt to escape and get to her, and that she must accept this offer and not make public this shame on the Dunan family, or they would expose her family’s own fault and shame them as well.

However, she heard little past the part about Diedrum’s death, and once the initial shock set in, she lunged at the guard and pounded on his armor for him to say he was lying. The guard was startled by this act and stumbled backwards, falling on his back. Myrna’s maddened lunge carried her further forward and she fell atop the now prone guard, suffering a wound just below her ribs from the dagger he held. Diedrum arrived shortly after this, and later arranged for her funeral on the 3rd of Aura.

=Recent Events=

Recently Nadia Valleron, in her ongoing quest to get into Diedrum Dunan’s pants, got in contact with her sister Cassandra Valleron. She arranged for the resurrection of Diedrum’s true love on Uni 12th but added her own dark twist to the bargain. She had her sister train the recently returned in a variant of Nadia’s own necromantic art, training her to become a master of shrouds. Not long after Myrna rejoined her lost love and the adventuring party, including her benefactor Nadia as well as Hogie Quintestca, Crystal Waters, and recently lost Larry and soon after gained Moorgan Freehoof.

=Current Party=
Diedrum Dunan
Crystal Waters
Hogie Quintestca
Moorgan Freehoof
Nadia Valleron

=Dead Allies=

Cassandra Valleron
Lady Genna “Tulls”
Mylenn Patricia

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Myrna Jessley

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