Not much is known about this mysterious woman. It is rumored Melinda was born in the city of Swiftcreek where both her parents were murdered when she was very young and that she was present when it happened. After that she grew up a rogue’s life, having to fend for herself as best she could. Without a home, she quickly learned the ways of the street.

What is known is she is one of the original members of a group calling themselves the Avengers. She joined what was only an adventuring group at the time when she was 21. The Avengers took part in stopping an evil plan that threatened the region with complete destruction some years ago. They pursued and eventually defeated the evil necromancer Sedric Blightning who orchestrated the evil plot. Soon after, the Avengers became more of an organization then an adventuring party and changed their name to the Protectors. She is believed to be the current leader of the organization. Lin shows up from time to time in different places to recruit new members to their cause.

lin.JPGAside from having rogue training and skills, when she was older, she learned some of the secrets of being an assassin. As a result of this training, she is considered to be extremely dangerous and difficult to track. It’s always considered better to stay in her good graces.

Most of Lin’s other details aren’t known. What else is known may just be speculation and rumors. She is believed to be a master of disguise, able to blend into her surroundings at a moments notice. As a matter of fact, her true race is unknown. She generally appears usually as an elf at least when she is recognizable as Melinda, but she has taken on a human disguise on more then a few occasions to get her into private areas of some of the different Noble Districts for example.

Her intelligence network is considered unrivaled outside of using magical methods. Those who actually know her personally don’t talk of her much. She has been reported to be extremely convincing when she wants to be. There is a saying around a lot of the cities that goes “If you look for her, she’ll find you.”

Her weapon of choice, the kukri is a type of weapon that resembles a curved blade dagger. She demonstrates incredible fighting skill with the two Kukri she keeps at her side at all times. Melinda disappeared for an extended period of time for some unknown reason where even her close friends had lost contact with her. After a couple of month without being seen once, she again merged from the shadows showing up in Glacerin, her usual stomping grounds since the creation of the Protectors.

Apparently she had managed to get herself involved with some sort of mischief elsewhere and had gone adventuring with a small Kobold bard named Deekin. This adventure took her to Deepwater and into the dungeons beneath it. After having completed what she had gone to do, she was just now returning to Glacerin from that trip.

Miriam and her group were in Glacerin for a short stay before attempting to venture to the Plane of Bleak Eternity. Seeing Miriam’s group in need of an acquisitions expert, Lin offered her services and was quickly and enthusiastically welcomed into the group. Lin used her influence to get the group into the Noble district to contact Jamie for more information on the mission they were working on. They soon after set out for the desert to find a portal to the Plane of Bleak Eternity when it would once again be open.

About six days later, the party emerged in Oasis at Tweuna in the magic shop Xeno and the Dragon Magics asking Xeno if he could assist her with some of his magic items. Having known Melinda for a couple years, he was more then happy to help her out. After that though, the group with Lin included set out north to reach the portal’s location.

She showed up a couple days later and enacted Protectors Initiative 3A-1 which pretty much sets up Protector influence in every inhabitable settlement in Versat, not a small feat to say the least. Soon after having completed the first stage, she disappeared again from Glacerin under unknown business.


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Lin Quotes

  • If you say ‘Huzzah’ one more time, I’m eatting Kobold tonight. to Deekin
  • Did you know that its against the law to kill innocent people on the street, frame the guards, then kill the guards too? I did not know that. – Journal Entry
  • I’m not wearing anything underneath this illusionary clothing.
  • What I do takes a whole other level of refinement, oh sneak attack!, Stab Stab Stab!!!

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