Loremaster Codex

The Loremaster Codex is a black bound leather tome of intricate design with an inscription near the top of the front cover. Underneath the inscription is 17 runes, a single one followed by 2 rows of 8. A word appears in the center of the top rune and each of the other 16 contain a letter.

Unlocked Entries:

Codex – This codex was created to remotely access a grand wealth of knowledge. Its intended power supply can handle a single successful inquiry each day. It can take inquiries in most written languages which you can change with the big rune. Spell out your inquiry with the other 16 runes. Use keywords and think of it like a reference book. The codex will access the most relevant knowledge possible related to the reader and its location. The power supply may burn out after extended usage and will need to be replaced eventually. The codex accesses known knowledge based on whats been collected and can not predict the future.

Loremaster Goal – The Loremaster has spent the majority of his life delving the secrets of everything there is to know and is pretty knowledgable on just about everything. His ultimate goal is to know everything that can be known within his ability to learn such knowledge. A lesser goal of his is to maintain the balance and safety of his home world which he accomplishes through his vast knowledge of not only his reality but that of similar realities on similar paths. Everything else he seems to be doing is an extension of the two main goals.

Figment – The Reebinogthwen race or coined common tongue name Figment is an ultra rare species of Dragon. They exist primarily on the Thwen plane just offset from the material plane. The Figment get their name from the fact that they can sometimes appear to only certain people and not everyone giving the illusion that they aren’t actually there for everyone else as if they were a figment of a fevered mind. As young, they typically can not interact with objects on the material plane without magical intervention. Once they get older, they are able to phase shift between the Thwen and Material plane at will.

Guardians of Green – The Guardians of the Green campaign actively against those who trample upon nature. Anything that is considered unnatural is a target of the organizations operations. This organization has a heavy presence on Keshuna and the organization’s headquarters is located outside of the city of Enillos in South Keshuna. To gain entry to the inner sanctum of the Guardian’s headquarters, they need to be brought there by a member of the Elite Green. Members of the Guardians will know what to look for within Enillos to make contact with one of the Elite Green.

Baelore Goal – He is interested in learning all that can be learned about the interactions between planes such as portals, convergence events and neighboring planes. He strives to remain the foremost expert on all things related to the planes. He has special interest in observing rare occurrences and planar entities because of the valuable research potential. When possible, he likes adding rare creatures to his collection for long term research needs. He goes out of his way to create devices to contain these rare creatures in a suspended state so they don’t age or escape.

Nerull in Keshiki – The Keshiki Cult of Nerull is particularly active in the Northern Keshuna region. Initially the cult was a lot more straight forward with its operations and but they realized the extra attention they were drawing to the region would spell disaster to their existence. They have for many years integrated themselves into the surrounding communities, often times hold positions of power within the community without overtly identifying their allegiance. If investigated closely, those who know code words and hidden symbols can find who is a member and what sites are Nerull cult friendly. As of late, there has been a sudden loss of key leadership and as a result many members are fighting for control of the cult by proving themselves with their deeds. This has led to a sudden increase in cult activity all over Keshiki.

Loremaster Home – The loremaster calls the Academy at Glacerin in the city of Glacerin, within the Western Versat Human Territories on the continent of Versat located on the Material Plane of 27-TRM his home. His living quarters are in the administrators tower in the center of the Academy. He does a lot of traveling however and spends an almost equal amount of time in Leenza Mountain in Sarcosa.

27-TRM – 27-TRM is one of a myriad of realities connected by the ancient city of Tolgard. The name is a translation of the Tolgarian Language designation into the Common language. A portal to this reality exists in the trans-dimensional city of Tolgard. It is the origin reality of a distant relative of the Tolgarans that rediscovered Tolgard and reactivated its portal grid.

Recharge Codex – The codex power source lasts anywhere from usually 9 to 12 inquiries before needing to be replaced. The replacement power sources can be acquired from the Loremaster or anyone with an intimate knowledge of wondrous item creation and the skill to create the necessary items. It is also possible to force recharge the internal power source by casting Greater Prying Eyes along with Permanency, although this comes with the chance of damaging the codex.

Sigils of the Forked Path – The sigils of the Wizard’s of the Forked Path are believed to lie within the burial chamber of the three wizards that make up the order. This burial chamber is hidden between the two roads leading out of Inferno and can be found by taking both paths. The secret to accomplishing this to reveal the entrance was lost with the disappearance of the last surviving servant of the order and has been the main reason their burial chamber hasn’t been located yet. Relic and Artifact Recovery Enterprises, a company based out of Inferno has been seeking the sigils for a number of years.

Dymondheart – Stories exist of items grown rather than forged, including Lyon’s Dagger and the Green Shield, but many of these stories are without basis in fact. Fairly good records support the actual existence of a sword called Dymondheart, however, whose blade is green and growing. Such a weapon’s wielder is heir to the strength of growing things. The storied blade Dymondheart was most recently wielded by an elf hunter named Elowyn. Reveling in its living nature, Elowyn used the magic of the sword against the machinations of a servitor of decay referred to as the Rotting Man. Even without extensive knowledge of the longsword’s true capabilities, Elowyn was able to call on a few powers to aid her when she was nearly bested by a demon from the Abyss.

Multicolor Dragon – Dragons typically come in color groups and metal groups, but some dragons have nonstandard coloring schemes that diverge from the color/metal skin colors or just have multiple colors such as the Dragongod Tiamat. The nonstandard colorings fall into the shadow dragon and faerie dragons races or nonstandard groupings of dragon races such planar dragons, and especially drakes. These dragon races typically have coloring that runs the gambit from translucent to shadowy creatures that resemble little more then a collection of swirling darkness.

Star ShardStar Shard


Ariawyn’s Tower – The origin of the phrases “What’s the worst that could happen” and “It’s not supposed to do that” is believed to be tied to Ariawyn’s Tower. What is believed is that Ariawyn and her tower may have broken a small piece of reality because she pulled the wrong lever in the wrong order. Ariawyn is believed to be immortal or at least doesn’t age as reports multiple hundreds of years apart are of a strange elf woman alone in a tower. Although reports of her appearance differ even among companions that have met her, she always introduces herself as Ariawyn and never seems to be any older then the previous report. She appears in a tower that doesn’t seem to be where it’s supposed to be, occasionally appearing in absurd locales. She either really doesn’t know what her tower can do, blissfully unaware, or she’s not letting on as to the extent of her knowledge of the workings of the tower. Interactions with her are typically brief, and always confusing.

Loremaster Codex

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