Laciel Jadedreamer


Laciel Jadedreamer (2195 HR – Present)

Laciel Jadedreamer is a four foot eleven inch high left handed elf. He has pale skin, black hair, and green eyes. He can often be seen wearing his thief helmet atop his gleaming, mithril chain shirt and matching dastanas. His weapons of choice are a set of short swords that are always sheathed by his side unless trouble threatens.

Laciel Jadedreamer was born in 2195 HR in Dryel. Little is known about his childhood there but his interest in acquisitions was noted at an early age. He claims he left to seek his fortune while the local authorities claimed outstanding warrants. Whatever the reasons, in 2316 HR he left his home to seek his fortune in southern Versat.

During his formative years this skillful elf received a little training in the martial arts as well as stealth techniques. On a whim he decided to learn Draconic in addition to his Common and Elven- after all, who knows when you might need to negotiate with a dragon for its hoard?

Little more is known of him beyond a single, partial transcript of his personal journal. Whether he actually wrote it, and how much of it might be true even if he did, is anyone’s guess.

Recent Events
Lace was recently reactivated under the Protectors Initiative 3A-1. His job is to keep an eye on Bounty and report any strange happenings to Melinda immediately.


“Loot Corpse!”

Lace’s Journal

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Roughrock Adventurers’ Guild

Last Known Location
South of Blarg in the Western Versat Human Territories with Cylest and Colin.

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Laciel Jadedreamer

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