Kildrack Stormaxe


Kildrack Stormaxe


=Recent Events=
Kildrack wondered into the Warpstone Ruins and joined a delving in progress by Death’s Judgment. Unfortunately he met his fate there, dying valiantly in battle.

Kavi – the Gnome Bard
Kildrack Stormaxe – the Goliath
Lacey – the Changling Psion
Pain the Deva Invoker
Terak – the Half-Orc Ranger
Uther Baldricksson – the Dwarf Cleric of Marthammor Duin
Whit Eye – the Drow Invoker/Avenger

Death’s Judgment – Provisional Member

Last Known Location
Died in the Warpstone Ruins.

All Things Voreldah

Kildrack Stormaxe

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