Keystone (2316 HR – Unknown)

Keystone was a freshly-hatched bronze dragon. Keystone never knew either of his parents. In fact, when he hatched, he was in a wagon of a caravan. It seems they had traded for his egg. He didn’t find out much more about it as he fled from them into the woods.

In early Juke, 2317 HR Keystone stumbled across a beautiful human woman and a fuzzy elven man near the village of Downpour. Poised to flee back into the woods, her voice stopped him. Something about her seemed safe so he listened to what she had to say.

She told him that once before, near a town called Oasis, she had seen a young dragon that looked a lot like him. Perhaps a brother or cousin, she asked?

Keystone leapt at the chance to find anything about his parents. He said he wasn’t sure but he really wanted to find out. She said that she had business to the north but, if he wouldn’t mind accompanying her and some friends for a quick mission near Arturo, she would be more than happy to take him deep into the burning sands to seek out his kin. Keystone quickly agreed.

Formal introductions came at last. Keystone shared the name that the humans had yelled after him as he escaped. The woman introduced herself as Delistra Sapphire and her friend as Gonahnadel Moonsong. She shared that the name of his probable family member was Crescent and she had seen him in the company of a man named Xeno in the Desert of Desolation.

The traveled north for several days, finally arriving at Arturo. They waited several more days for the rest of her friends to arrive. Finally tired of waiting they headed west to a fortress without waiting for some ogre named Kludge to arrive.

Crescent – Half-brother

Claudius Augustius Astralshade
Gonahnadel Moonsong
Delistra Sapphire
Fashim Burak

Last Known Location
West of the intersection of road between Arturo and Hayfield in a fortress in the Western Versat Human Territories.


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