Karn Hellsblade



Karn Hellsblade (2298 HR – Present)

Karn Hellsblade wears the weight of his life on his chiseled features. This human has black hair and hard eyes. He is six feet four inches tall and two hundred pounds pounds of muscle.

Karn Hellsblade was born in Swiftcreek. The truth behind Karn’s birth is a secret even to him- the only thing he had to claim was his apparent human heritage and his mastery of the Common tongue.

Karn grew up on the streets of Swiftcreek where he learned the brutal arts of combat. Though drunk and near death, he did find a master in the art of the hexblade who taught him a few moves. The only other thing his master taught him before he died was the language of dragons

At the age of 18 Karn was asked to come to the Adventurers Academy in Blarg after one of his street fights was witnessed by Dolartu Elessedil. Karn began his studies in the art of combat soon after arriving at the academy, but discovered a knack for the arcane as well. In the year 2318 HR Karn completed his studies at the academy and began his adventures with fellow graduates Schmendrick, Zita Bonita, Kor’nav, and Cedric.

Dolartu Elessedil
Raban Harkonen
Alice Blacksol

Zita Bonita
Cedric (Deceased – 2318 HR)

Adventurer’s Academy of Blarg – Class of 2318 HR

Last Known Location
Near Blarg in the Western Versat Human Territories.

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Karn Hellsblade

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