Jordache Azaria


Jordache Azaria

Little is known of Jordache’s youth and origins; merely that he was born to a high-class family which traveled often. An only child, he perhaps should have had all of the attention of Belinda and Harmon Azaria, his parents. Unfortunately for poor little Jordache, his parents were too busy scoring drugs and magics to escape reality to be good parents.

One night when Belinda was drugged up, she yelled at Jordache violently… Certainly not as a loving mother… Not even as a stranger. Jordache, as usual, had done nothing to deserve her harsh words. Finally, he decided it was time to leave his family behind. He didn’t care where he was going in life… Just that he was going! He set out to find himself, a world of magic, mysterious women, and perhaps even to find religion.

By the age of 18, Jordache began to realize that the warped and twisted world his parents took part in was inescapable for him as well. He had started drinking and dabbling into darker arts. While he never much cared for playing with the dead, he enjoyed making things dead a bit more than the average peasant might. With a strong interest the elements, Jordache began to study under the Great and Powerful Wizard, Htaed. He quickly began to realize the deep and relentless power of magic and allowed it to overtake him.

Over the next few years, Jordache turned dark with his power, unquestionably corrupt in his actions and deeds. He wasn’t the type to just steal candy from a goblin child… He would burn down barns just to watch the flames… And to hear the women and animals scream. Jordache, in time, summoned a familiar: A small fire elemental named Zranthrin. Nearly as mischievous as Jordache, Zranthrin (AKA “Z”) enjoyed the sinful pleasures of creating grand fires.

It wasn’t until he was perhaps around 20 years of age that he began meeting others as interested in roaming the lands and slaying as he. Though the motives of the other adventurers was generally more benevolent and less malevolent, Jordache felt that he’d struck a good team with his death-happy new friends.

They went adventuring for likely the better half of a year… Though the grouping of wizards, sorcerers, bards, rangers, clerics and the likes continuously changed, Jordache remained the one constant. Despite the chaos he allowed to surround him, he survived each encounter with great pride. Defying death on a daily basis was no easy task.

Jordache’s appeal towards fire lead him down the natural path of studying to become an elemental savant. Quickly, he found power where he least expected it: within himself. His power grew, as did his confidence. In a particularly unexpected encounter, Jordache slew a dwarf for calling him a drow. The dwarf was either insane or merely believed Jordache who shouted in the dark elf tongue, “We’re all Dark Elves!” After felling the dwarf, Jordache picked up his longbow, which immediately began speaking to him of the evils of the drow. This is when Jordache’s life truly took a turn for the better.

Jordache was finding his inner strength, had a large group of people he felt he could call friends, and had a great deal of magical power to boot. Suddenly, he realized that he no longer needed to control and manipulate to have his way… He had his own way about him which turned situations to his favor. Call it luck, call it charm, call it what you will. Jordache had stumbled across something wonderful. Caring, meaningful relationships with those around him.

Prone to follow whims, Jordache has a tendency to follow whatever path presents itself at the time. Dedication to complete tasks has never been his strong suit. Still with a bit of a mischievous streak, Jordache can be very unpredictable, perhaps even to the point of being unreliable.

An obvious fascination with fire and flame has emerged in Jordache’s actions though. In most cases where a new or unique fire or flame effect is found, Jordache seems entranced with understanding how this fire works. Ever seeking ways to improve, he treats every one of these situations as an opportunity to develop further.

After nearly a month of torturous assaults from the Abyss as the planes collided, Jordache and his party slew the demon Rezuka (Or so they think.)

Jordache had been feeling deep remorse for some of his darker deeds… Finally, with this triumph over evil, Jordache knew it was time to ask a cleric for redemption for his abominable sins. On that day, the old Jordache left the world of Materia, and a newer, gentler(?) Jordache took his place.

=Recent Events=
Having reached their next destination, Jordache insisted that he must tend to some business and research back at the academy in Glacerin. He offered their recent traveling companion Lady Delistra who he had recently grown rather fond of an invitation to join in back to the academy. She accepted his offer and went with him. Neither have been heard from in quite some time.

He has also been charged, under Protectors Initiative 3A-1, to keep the town of Gremsdale under his watchful eye.

=Random Jordachian Quotes:=
- " Stick it in and GIVE IT A TWIST!" _
- " Let the fire cleanse you. " _
- " Hey! Watch this!! " _
- " Arrgh.. I’m drowning… blub blubbb blub " _
- " I told you not to stand right there. " _
- " Maybe you should send your wolf in to see if there are any nasty zombies in that creepy graveyard. " _
- " You want to sell me… What? A dead cat? Uhh… 25 gold? 50? Excellent….. …. Wait… What? No I wanted the staff! " _
- " Bested by a twig! NEVER!! " _
- " What? You’ve never seen a guy chop off a lion’s paw with a quarterstaff with surgical precision before
" _
- " Hey… Where’d uh… What’s his name go? … No, I really don’t remember! Seems like there was someone else here though. " _
- " Do you want to live? " _
- " Hmm… This doesn’t look like the Orc camp….. Maybe they moved. " _
- " Its Jor with a DACHE!!!" Makes an intricate swooping motion with hand _
- " Fetch." points at a creepy cemetery _
- " You can take it and shove it in your… bag of holding! " _
- " What the hell is wrong with you?! I FEEL FINE!" Jovially smacks a dwarf on the head _

=Rumor, Speculation, and Just Bold Lies:=
- Jordache has the ability to morph at will to become a monstrous spider.
- Jordache takes on a similar appearance to those around him, both friends and enemies alike.
- Jordache tends to know what you’re thinking before you do.
- Jordache has been seen cackling in the night as towns burn to the ground.
- Jordache doesn’t like food, thus, does not eat.
- Jordache believes he can remain “More aware” by not sleeping.
- Jordache has no hair because he ritualistically strips and casts a fireball on himself routinely.
- Jordache was once afraid of heights due to Harmon (his father) dangling him over a ledge.
- Jordache has a special place in his heart for alcohol… On fire… In competitions with bar wenches…
- Jordache hates Dark Elves… And he wants them all to die.
- Jordache has traveled with a lot of people and has many acquaintances… But he doesn’t remember most of them. Not even when they are currently traveling with him.
- Jordache lives in the forest.
- Jordache has a thing for aggressive women in heavy armor.
- Jordache has a thing for heavy, aggressive women.
- Jordache believes that water is desperately trying to kill him.
- Jordache sometimes disappears in the middle of the night and dances with the trees.
- Jordache is a smooth talker.

=General Information=
Gender – Male
Race – versaran human
Languages – Common, Spiderese, Ignan, Infernal, Undercommon, Celestial
- It is rumored that Jordache speaks several other languages and seemingly understands almost everything said to him.
Occupation – ranger/wizard

Belinda Azaria – Mother (Believed Deceased)
Harmon Azaria – Father

Zranthrin Charrach

=Recent Allies=
Lady Kathran Alaxzander
Kardun and Mordek
Delistra Sapphire
Miach Alastair

Charmaine Greenbottle
Laciel Jadedreamer
Anera Dragonblood
Xeno Dragonblood
Vanyl Cormandor
Dolartu Elessedil
Raban Harkonen
Htaed Scythsoul
Miach Alastair
Sol Nightrider

Adventurers’ Guild of Oasis – Associate Member
Academy at Glacerin

Last Known Location
Deep in his studies at the Academy at Glacerin in the Western Versat Human Territories.

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Jordache Azaria

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