Htaed Scythsoul


Htaed Scythsoul (2283 HR – Present)

htaed.jpgHtaed is a well known versaran human wizard. The H in his name is silent, pronounced “taed”. Htaed was born in the year 2283 HR somewhere in the Eastern Versat Human Territories and shortly after beginning an adventuring life, he traveled over into the Western Versat Human Territories with a group of adventurers.

He currently is High Chancellor of the Academy at Glacerin, appointed to the position in 2318 HR on Kren 8th by the Academy council. He spends his time teaching new and aspiring wizards as well as running the day to day operations of the academy itself. His research has been key to the unlocking of recently discovered arcane secrets written on ancient artifacts.

Htaed has a familiar, a raven named Jade who helps him from time to time to do any number of simple tasks. She is extremely smart much like her master and can engage even the most learned people in the academy in word games and puzzles.

He is one of the original members of a group that called themselves the Avengers. The Avengers consisted of Htaed, Uriel DeAvery the devout, Tomas Flashstrike the rogue, Melinda the elf maiden, Aurin Smendle the ranger, and Loktar Brash the fighter. The Avengers took part in stopping an evil plan that threatened the region with complete destruction some years ago. Soon after defeating Sedric Blightning, the Avengers became the Protectors.

When not in Glacerin, he travels the world gathering more artifacts for the academy and helping the Protectors with recruiting. It is a big honor to meet him even outside the arcane arts. Most recently he has been seeking a tome found within the Underdark that he has sent a party to go retrieve for him. He plans to use this tome as trade to gain access to a library found upon another plane that requires gift of a rare tome in order to enter.


Fellow Faculty

Professor Pistocula
Professor Percibal


Sparkfinger Dwindledrop
Azaeladew Dwindledrop
Velphia Moonblossom
Domynik Darkshadow
Laciel Jadedreamer
Vanyl Cormandor
Hogie Quintestca
Anhaba Glenville
Diedrum Dunan
Crystal Waters
Nadia Valleron
Slog Ogrebane
Miach Alastair


Tomas Flashstrike
Jordache Azaria
Aurin Smendle
Uriel DeAvery
Loktar Brash


Avengers – Original member of this group
Protectors – Council Member


Sedric Blightning

Last Known Location

Academy at Glacerin in Glacerin.


Htaed Thank You Letter to Melinda

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Htaed Scythsoul

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