Garrett Oswald


Garrett Oswald (2294 HR – Present)

Not much is known about Garrett’s earliest years, he was found and adopted by his parents Christina Oswald (a cleric in service of the God of the Roads) and Faldamir Oswald (Famous and notorious wizard from the Rebellions of the Island Kingdom). Given the name Garret in honor of Christina’s father because the stubborn youth would not reveal his true name or origin.

His foster parents while curious about his past never questioned him about it again. Christina and Faldamir both enjoyed traveling in their middle years and took Garrett with them all over the continent. Finding him to be an intelligent and inquisitive young man they both decided to teach him their arts. Garrett under their close eyes found that he had a knack for both the arcane and divine sides of magic. Learning both types of magic while with his family traveling the continent became very useful as he learned to effectively use both styles of magic to devastating effect in conjunction with one another.

While on there way to Glacerin the family was attacked by a group of soldiers from the Island Kingdom of Duke Paladur. This attack very nearly cost the lives of both Christina and Faldamir. After arriving in Glacerin and making sure his parents were safe and healed Garret decided to enlist with the Protectors saying to his parents that he never wanted them hurt again because of him. While his parents were confused at this sudden leaving they accepted it and sadly said there departing words, hoping that they would some day see him again. Garrett Oswald first joined with this group when he joined the newly-formed Miriam’s Marauders in 2318 HR in the town of [[Ketta.

Garrett has since helped Miriam’s Marauders to accomplish many things for the Protectors. Garret believes that this group of individuals together can overcome any evil force. While with this group he has helped to secure a legally binding contract between an adult red dragon named Tanith (which to this day Garrett believes that they could have taken him) and the city of Ketta. They have had many battles and help people on their journeys.

When the group lucked out and had Miach Alastair join their group Garrett quickly came to the realization that the group was near unstoppable. They had a short relatively uneventful trip to the Plane of Bleak Eternity. Followed by there attempt to investigate an approaching monster army, the monstrous army pretty much had no chance against the six adventurers who pretty were pretty much walking through the armies ranks as they saw fit as a group taking out close to if not more than a 1000 members of there army (and taking almost no damage to themselves) before being shunted (by a spell) off to a prison cell on an unknown plane.

Quickly escaping from the prison and realizing that any spell they attempted to get back home was useless and a little research and questioning of locals they shortly found out that they were on a Plane called Carceri. After a few days of attacks from the inhabitants of the plane Garrett quickly took a liking to the place, you never knew what to expect from approaching people.

While using various flight spells to go between the different orbs of the infinite plane they found themselves in the mountain range of Othrys. In the mountains they came across a diamond in the rough known as the Bastion of Last Hope (a trading post that had just about every unusual and usual magical item in existence, for a price) After a couple of days of shopping, looting and selling the group found some adventurers who would cast a spell ( Gate ) for the group to leave through. Thus making them the first people known to escape Carceri without following the rules.

But this escape came at a price they were cast onto a different reality stream they quickly found out that they were on an alternate version of their world. This was when they found (and were the first to find ) the lost city of Tolgard. Once he realized what the city was (an outlet to a infinite number of opportunities and places to travel and explore) his goal in life was to open the access portals and learn to control them. They then went back to Carceri and the Bastion of Last Hope to try to find the knowledge to open and access to the city.

There the group met Rezuka a past acquaintance of Miach’s (but this seemed to be a slightly different and more powerful version of Rezuka). He was unable to hurt us and we were unable to hurt him it was pretty much a stand still but Garrett had chosen thus far to not go on the offensive. Garrett found this new opponent crafty and his first real challenger, and as long as Miach stayed there so would Garret because he felt like no one could defeat he and Miach while they were together. During the combat Garrett never fired a single damage spell but the combat ended in a draw with no apparent winner Garrett finally chasing Rezuka through the gate back to Tolgard.

But it seems that Rezuka never made it through to Tolgard, shortly after Garret’s goal was realized when (with the help of another group) they opened the access portals to the multiverse. Garret then made a difficult decision and decided to leave his new family to his destiny to become a favored follower of the God of Travel. He currently travels the multiverse gaining extensive knowledge and power with the help of the tolgaran portal system. He also gathers up trustworthy people for the protection and governing of Tolgard. And has gathered a small force of scholars and sages to research and find information of use to him about the different locations and planes of the multiverse. He also looks to see if he can perhaps find some places that even the tolgarans have not visited and wants to learn how to add to there current collections of gates.

He currently has two new goals in his life the first to travel through every gate and document and map out the worlds that they are connected to (he accomplishes this by his own traveling through the gates and also through posting people the Gate Guardians at the gates to log information about where the incoming first time travelers come from. The second is to find worlds that the tolgarans have not traveled to and add some to there gate system, this is accomplished through gathering information and scholarly research by his assistants. He is also looking for other (good) followers of the traveling god to help him to explore these new worlds and document what they find.

Faldamir Oswald – Adopted Father.
Christina Oswald – Adopted Mother.

Htaed Scythsoul

Ethan Fury
Slog Ogrebane
Zain Shortblade

Duke Paladur – Ruler of the Island Kingdom

Protectors – Field Agent
Miriam’s Marauders – Member (2318 HR – Present)

Last Known Location
Tolgard (Has dedicated himself to the exploration and traveling of the multiverse) Also recruits good, reliable, intelligent and wise people for the protection, exploration and governing of Tolgard. When in Tolgard he stays in a large live-in office located in the largest research facility dedicated to information on the multiverse. Maintains strong ties to Miriam’s Marauders and sends information to the Protectors organizations located on his home world though communications with Htaed at Glacerin. He does however make it a point to be in Tolgard on the first day of every month.

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Garrett Oswald

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