explored locations


After a dungeon or location has been explored, it still remains, usually vacant till something takes up residence once again there. These locations do not fall under the characterization of a settlement.

Cave of the Misfortunate One – Cave home of an unlucky rogue.
Crypt of BlightningSedric Blightning’s base of operations.
Crypt of Grimm – Location of a piece of the Scepter of Gremel.
Crypt of Lazerus – Haunted and trapped location explored by trouble seeking adventurers.
Lair of the Web King Peline – Was rumored to contain a magic amulet.
Mount Falco – Location of Crypt of Grimm and a hollow mountain complex.
Pocket Dimension of ZeldarZeldar the Incomprehensible created his fortress within.
Sunless Citadel – Citadel consumed in a giant earth rift.
Temple of the Horrible Death – Temple filled with traps storing a dangerous magic item.
Tower of Necromantic DeedsSedric Blightning’s outpost.
Lost Temple of Olidammara – Recently discovered temple of Olidammara south of Thistlewood

Castle Eb – Stronghold that held the Iridescent Globe until it was stolen.
Greff Stronghold – Stronghold once controlled by the Greff cleared out and now used as an outpost by the Protectors.
North Desert Fortress – Fortress shared by a sect of the Cult of the Everwatching Eye and Martubus.

explored locations

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