Ethan Fury


From a young age, Ethan showed promise as a spellcaster because he showed the signs of a sorcerer. Unfortunately though, the downside was that the power seemed to be just slightly out of his control and would cause damage all around him. He was sent to Glacerin and to the academy within to try to learn to control his spells.

Studying at the Academy at Glacerin for a number of years, Ethan was able to develop his inate magic skills to work even while wearing some types of armor. Called warmages, this special type of spellcaster was able to focus their destructive magic at their enemies while attempting to protect themselves with the armor of fighters.

Seeing promise in Ethan’s abilities, Htaed Scythsoul, one of Ethan’s instructors, set up a meeting with a friend of his, Melinda. Melinda was the leader of the Protectors and offered Ethan membership into the organization. He accepted, jumping at the opportunity to show off his abilities.

A few months later, he was contacted by the Protectors and asked to meet up with some other agents of the Protectors at a bar in Glacerin. He was to join up with them for a mission. He headed out to join his traveling companions for a couple adventures.

Sometime there after, he was recalled back home and caught a ride with Tanith after the negotiations in Ketta. Currently he is acting as the 3A-1 Initiative Agent in Precosia.

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Academy at Glacerin
Miriam’s Marauders – Founding Member ( – Present)

Last Known Location
Precosia in the Western Versat Human Territories.

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Ethan Fury

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