Dolartu Elessedil


Dolartu Elessedil (2146 HR – Present)

Dolartu Elessedil the elf was born in Moonshadow in the Elvish Northlands in 2146 HR. His parents were Thamior Elessedil and Vadania Galanodel. From them he learned Common and Elven as well as Draconic in case he might ever find himself in a sticky situation with an ancient wyrm.

Dolartu’s philosophy in life was always to be prepared. While he never engaged in the arcane arts, he always had a good supply of magical items and a variety of potions on hand for any contingency. In fact, moving far beyond simple healing, his exploits with invisibility and flight potions have become the stuff of legend.

Dolartu Elessedil was once a member of a group that stopped the invasion of orcs in the city of Blarg. After they managed to accomplish that, the mayor of the city had a mysterious accident and died. His friend Raban Harkonen became mayor and Dolartu decided he was honor bound to protect Blarg as a kind of guardian to the city. He gave up his adventuring life to roam around outside the city protecting it from any threats that may try to harm its people.

Since then, Blarg has begun to return to its former glory. In that time, Dolartu has had to defend against many threats, though none quite as severe as the orc invasion. He has been key in the growth of Blarg by doing a good job of protecting its people.

In 2316 HR, Dolartu set up an adventuring academy to train new adventurers in Blarg called the Adventurer’s Academy of Blarg; the academy has been in operation for 1 year now. With funding from the mayor, Raban, this project has been quite a success for Dolartu.

Dolartu’s Journal

Vadania Galanodel – Mother (2026 HR – Present)
Thamior Elessedil – Father (1794 HR2313 HR)

Karn Hellsblade
Zita Bonita
Cedric (Deceased – 2318 HR)

Xeno Dragonblood
Rathuen Rostenoc
Gremoira Strakeln
Raban Harkonen
Jordache Azaria

Adventurer’s Academy of Blarg – Founder

Last Known Location
Blarg in the Western Versat Human Territories.

Dolartu Elessedil

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