Diedrum Dunan


Diedrum “Deepsoul” Dunan (2301 HR – Present)

Diedrum “Deepsoul” Dunan; or simply Deepsoul as he likes to be called, though generally this self derived nickname is only used by himself or as a stage name; is but a memory to those who once knew him.

Diedrum was born on his family’s estate in Flashbrook on the 18th of Kren, 2301 HR.

Born of the noble Dunan family, Diedrum was allowed a life of privilege growing up. He received education from the finest tutors, training in sport from the most celebrated masters, and instruction in the arts from the best artisans in the land. He hated the sport. His father did not approve of Diedrum’s disinterest in sport, and forced his son to learn what he invested his own pride into, regardless of how his son felt. However, the forced training did make Diedrum strong, and exceptionally nimble.

Diedrum, though, considers himself more of a thinker; often saying he possesses a deeper soul than others realize. From an early age, he absorbed all knowledge he could get his hands on, giving him a broad knowledge and understanding of all subjects and a hyper-literate tendency to reference obscure works of which most others have barely, if ever, even heard. His general lack of focus, however, gives him little mastery in any one subject; though he particularly loves poetry and epic tales of history as passed down from the ancient bards. His other area of minor focus of study is religion. He spent many awkward years of his early teens searching for meaning in all the religions on which he could find writings. The only prize he won from his searching was an opinion that the gods, like everyone else, did not care about him and that the only meaning in life was what meaning you made for yourself.

Diedrum also took well to music from an early age, and developed a talent for playing stringed instruments of all types. His preferred instrument is the lute, followed closely by a harp. While playing, he developed his singing voice and then moved to develop a speaking voice for reciting his beloved poetry.

The more he read and performed, he began to wish that he could bring meaning to his life by recording in song and verse the history of the land in the way of the famous bards. He wanted to be remembered. He wanted to be loved.

And so, he began trying to break into the world of the performer. Often, he would sneak from his parents estate to go into town and perform at the White Falls Inn, named for nearby White Falls, under his assumed performing name, Deepsoul. People actually enjoyed his performances and he was elated to have such recognition. Unfortunately, word of such talent spread quickly through the town, and Diedrum’s father discovered what his son had been doing. He was furious with Diedrum, and smashed every instrument in the house.

Diedrum barely noticed, however. In his short stint as a performer he had caught the attention of a beautiful woman, Myrna Jessley. Myrna had been enthralled by Diedrum’s music and longed to know more about the person within the music that possessed more depth than any she had ever heard before. After a performance one evening, she approached Diedrum and introduced herself. What stemmed from a shy and awkward girls first step into love was a tragedy worthy of the songs of the bards. Unfortunately, one was involved.

Diedrum and Myrna spent as much time together as he could spend away from his estate. That is, until the night of his last performance at the inn in town. When his father found out about Diedrum’s activities in town, he sent his personal guard to go and bring his son home. As the guardsmen secured Diedrum, he told Myrna to wait for him at the tree behind town that had been the meeting spot for their secret romance.

He sang to her:

Each night, beneath the moon you must return
To tree where love is tangled, not the vines.
By one weeks time I shall, myself, return
Or paid, have I, my life in search of thine.

And so, each night for a week, she left her home in the warm summer night to visit the tree and wait for her love. Each night she was waiting with no end. While she waited, Diedrum spent each waking moment trying to escape his fathers house with what money he could pocket and meager possessions actually had value to him, while his fathers top guard went in search of the woman that had captivated his son.

The last night, one week after the incident in the inn, Diedrum’s father allowed for his escape and sent the guard tailing him to discern the direction he was heading. The head guardsman snuck on ahead and found Myrna. He offered her amounts of gold that her family would not see in generations if she would leave then and not bother the Dunan family further. She refused. He tried intimidating her, drawing a dagger from his belt, he threatened to kill her if she did not accept the offer. She still refused. And, in the heat of the moment, the guard threw the most hurtful lie he could in her face. He said that Diedrum had lost his life in his attempt to escape to reach her and that if she didn’t accept the offer and the shame of this situation befell the Dunan name, her family would be shamed with them and so publicly that they would never be able to set foot outside their house in town again.

In her grief at the news of her beloved’s death, she threw herself at the guard, pounding on his armor screaming to say it was untrue. Her sudden action caught the guard by surprise, and he stepped backward to avoid her, tripping on a root of the tree. The force at which she had thrown herself at the guard carried her through the space he had occupied and caused her to topple on top of him, falling on his dagger in the process. It stuck a vital area, and there was nothing the guard could do to save her.

When Diedrum finally arrived, he saw only his fathers guardsman standing over the body of his love. In a fit of grief, Diedrum grabbed her and held her body while weeping and singing the song that had brought her to him in the beginning. He sang long into the night, with more emotion than he had known himself to possess. A futile attempt to call her back to him. At last, sleep finally took him, and he lay on the grass, still holding Myrna. The guard, who had sat and watched afraid to interrupt, left the sleeping youth to go report the nights events to his father. When they returned, however, they found only a bloody spot on the ground.

Diedrum had awoken, and managed to move Myrna into a spot where he could hide her and sneak into town to find any friends of theirs to help. Their friends kept them hidden in town. He secured her a proper burial, making a huge public display of it all. Then, with the help of an illusionist friend, was able to fake his own death with an image of him throwing himself off the high cliffs at the top of White Falls into the lake below. In the same day, he set off to get away from his parents. He did not know where he could go. He just needed to be away from his father who had sent a killer in his place to meet his love.

Through his family’s ties with other noble families of the land, Diedrum knew of only one place he could go. He did not like most nobles, and had few friends out side of Flashbrook. There was one however. A woman whom he respected and admired for her distaste for the noble ways, Lady Aida Valleron. He felt that she would understand what he had gone through, and hopefully guide him through his grief.

And so he headed toward Talisman, pushing all night long, only stopping in towns occasionally to enjoy hearing the local bards perform in taverns. He ate almost nothing, and slept even less.

Eventually, a month or so later, he caught up with Aida, and she pitied his sad story. She took him in and kept him hidden from the notice of other nobles that may recognize him. He began training with her, learning tricks from her about the specialties of undeath.

=Recent Events=
Recently, Aida has received word from Melinda about a group of adventurers to which she has given access to her trapped training vault and has taken Diedrum with her to meet them there.

Diedrum’s Songs and Poems

Connor Dunan – Father
Ariene Dunan – Mother
Donnelly Dunan – Grandfather

Allium Canadense
Cassandra Valleron
Fenhi Sparkstaff
Lady Genna “Tulls”
Grimtooth Pirates
Hepsinger Eternal
Htaed Scythsoul
Incos Scatterlight
Pental Portalblaze

=Current Party=
Crystal Waters
Hogie Quintestca
Moorgan Freehoof
Myrna Jessley
Nadia Valleron

=Dead Allies=
Domynik Darkshadow
Velphia Moonblossom

Slog Ogrebane

Related Locations
Flashbrook in the Western Versat Human Territories.

Diedrum Dunan

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