Delistra Sapphire


Delistra Sapphire (2293 HR – Present)

Not very much is known about her past save what she has said about it and what she says can only be taken so far because her use of words is alluring and seductive. Delistra first appeared on the scene in late 2316 HR joining up with a band of misfit creatures including a baby dragon, janni, demon, and a couple of elves. She definitely speaks a number of different languages including abyssal, celestial, and draconic as well as no doubt many more. Preferring to fit in with the humans she surrounds herself with, she always appears as an attractive woman and when possible travels with servants she has seduced to serve her.

After most of her companions from that first group met with an untimely demise or at the least uncertain fate, she thinking herself lone surviver moved on to pursue other mischief.

=Recent Events=
Years later, she appeared near Mount Falco after a supposed thwarting of a plot by a demon by the name of Rezuka. Finding the party apparently involved in Rezuka’s demise, she quickly got in good graces with the party presenting herself as a noble who was looking for a life of adventuring.

Upon reaching the next town, she did bid the group safe travels as she intended to return to Glacerin with the mage of the group, Jordache Azaria. Jordache said he had some business and research he wanted to tend to and invited her along if she was interested. She accepted his offer and went with him. There have been no additional appearances of Delistra to date.

Vanyl Cormandor
Miach Alastair

Claudius Augustius Astralshade
Gonahnadel Moonsong
Jordache Azaria
Fashim Burak
KeystoneBronze Dragon

Last Known Location
Leaving Brecklos for Glacerin with Jordache Azaria.

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Delistra Sapphire

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