Clayborn Silverkin

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=Clayborn Silverkin=



Clayborn hails from Wildberry, a small farming settlement in eastern Lesherac. When Clayborn was quite young, life was good. His parents were young and in love when they settled in Wildberry far from the constant fighting with the kingdoms of Cragon and Averus. His mother was an herbalist with a great deal of knowledge in the ways of nature. His father was a simple man with a great zest for life. He understood the value of a hard day’s work and the rewards which came they brought.

Clayborn’s youngest years were what may be termed as “the easy life.” Food was always plentiful, he had the unquestionable love of his parents, a baby sister, and the hopes and dreams which spring from the life and ambitions of an innocent soul. It wasn’t until Clayborn was 11 years of age that his life took a dark turn.

Days without rain turned into months. Months turned into years. Slowly, the simple life of the inhabitants of all Lesherac descended into chaos as famine took hold of the land. Friends and neighbors turned into rivals and enemies. The trade market with other continents allowed hope for some for a brief time. Bartering possessions for food helped curb the difficult times, but eventually even the possessions of the families ran dry.

Despite his young age and his child-like innocence, Clayborn knew that he had to help his family to survive, whatever the cost. Never an especially nimble child, Clayborn had little success in hunting furry woodland creatures or for ‘acquiring’ goods from traveling merchants. His strength, however, belied his youthful age and appearance… This would come in handy as the struggle for survival became more heated.

Two years into famine caused by the war, being hardened by poverty, as well as struggles for survival, he looked to the sky, remembering his youthful desires to expand his mind instead of his biceps. As he watched the vividly bright full moon, Clayborn saw something amazing. A single star lit up the sky, overcoming even the brightness of the moon. It flew across the heavens with great speed, booming down in a pale streak of fire. Landing perhaps only a mile away, Clayborn set out into the night to investigate.

After trudging over the now rocky surface, littered with the crunchy tree leaves which once painted the trees, Clayborn neared an area, literally on fire. A smoldering mass of white-hot metal seemed to call out to him. Surely, an unusual metal such as this could fetch quite a price. Delicately maneuvering around the burning wreckage that was the skeletal forest, Clayborn made his way across the crater created by the heaven-born metal. After allowing the unusual metal to cool a bit, Clayborn stripped from his shirt. He wrapped the heavy mass carefully in a bundle and quietly brought it back to his home for further examination.

Once home, as Clayborn unwrapped his mystery gift from the sky, he realized that a small portion of the rock had left a fine powder on his shirt. Ever a curious child, Clayborn smelled at the powder. Nothing. No scent at all. While this may not have shocked him, he decided to test out another of his senses on this mysterious metal. He stuck his tongue to the powder and was astonished… This small bit of powder burned at his tongue and cooled his soul. It made him feel strangely powerful and called to him to try even more.

Over the next several weeks, Clayborn could not resist sampling yet more of the strange powder from the heavenly mass. He couldn’t possibly comprehend the changes taking place in his body from his ingestion of the metal. Despite his knowledge that the peculiar rock could be exchanged for food if he found the right people, Clayborn kept his find a secret from everyone, hoarding whatever power it may have held to himself.

Finally, after nearly six years of harsh conditions, the rain finally broke. Though it took the scars of the farmlands a long while to heal, life slowly settled back to normal. Nearly a year later, Clayborn felt the time had come to find a school of young sorcerers to investigate the metal’s unique magical properties, as well as to expand his mind. Even the vast majority of elders within the Academy at Featherfall were baffled. There were those who had heard of the metal, typically used for particularly unique, expensive weapons. They were intrigued and, in a rare twist, the masters looked to the apprentice for guidance.

The elders of the Academy assisted Clayborn in finding ancient texts with similar occurrences. They observed carefully over Clayborn’s years of study, meticulously tracking his progress. It was only through researching the ancient library texts that Clayborn found what he was looking for. Self-taught, to a certain extent, Clayborn still maintained his focus on the art of combat while learning the ways of magic.

In the earliest years of his transformation, Clayborn was quite the introvert. Owing to his secrecy, he never did pick up many of the social graces and pleasantries often ascribed to light-hearted wizards. He found as his body changed, others were nearly as wary of him as he of them. Though he occasionally traveled with “acquaintances” from his academy, he rarely found anyone he felt he could call friend. Clayborn recognized the value of power in numbers but generally failed to build relationships which required trust.

Finally, upon reaching what seemed to be the conclusion of his transformation, he decided that it was time for him to travel to Versat. It was time to leave his world behind so that he may discover what wonders awaited him away from the land he called home for his first 27 years of life.

Not surprisingly, the people on the new continent were nearly as surprised by his appearance as he was accustomed to, however, they were not as mean-spirited. They seemed more afraid of him than anything else. He made a few treks around the most heavily populated cities… Glacerin, Oasis, Swiftcreek… Clayborn was hired on more than one occasion as a hired guard for nobles, but within a couple of years, he tired of that as well.

As a strong and unquestionably unique individual, Clayborn attracted attention wherever he went. He was often offered odd jobs… Kill this… Smash that… Most recently his travels brought him back to the great Oasis where he was offered a position in a small band of adventurers, set to head out into the desert to deal with an infestation of umber hulks. Far more experienced than his party, Clayborn had the unfortunate honor of watching his latest acquaintances be brutally slain by two massive umber hulks. As fate would have it, however, a second party of adventurers happened into view, helping him to defeat the creatures.

The rest, as they say, is history……

Recent Events
For a recent history of Clayborn, please take a look at his Journal.

General Information
Gender – Male
Race – Previously human. Now Construct.
Languages – Common
Occupation – Fighter, Sorcerer


=Recent Allies=

Anera Dragonblood
Xeno Dragonblood

Academy at Featherfall.

Last Known Location

Clayborn Silverkin

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