Claudius Augustius Astralshade


Claudius Augustius Astralshade (2290 HR – Unknown)

Claudius Augustius Astralshade was born in the Illumian District of Glacerin. Like all illumians he could speak his native tongue a few days after birth and was taught Common when he was a little older.

Claudius grew up in a very cloistered environment in Glacerin among a small enclave of his people. He sought all sorts of knowledge but quickly began to specialize in the Mulhorandi Civilization. He read everything he could about them and every report he could find on the ruins in the Versat Wildlands. He quickly earned a reputation as the premiere expert in the field in the greater Versat area.

One day in mid 2316 HR a young woman wondered into the library where Claudius was studying. She was aesthetically pleasing, he supposed, but the lack of runes around her head did not bode well for anything being behind her pretty face that he might be interested in. Soon enough he learned her name was Delistra Sapphire.

Delistra made some small talk with Claudius so of course his passion quickly came up- the Mulhorandi. Delistra innocently asked if Claudius had ever seen a Mulhorandi Grimorum. Delistra had Claudius’ attention and reeled him in carefully. She said she had a lead on one and, if he would meet her the first half of Juke in a small town called Arturo to the south next year, she would join him there with some friends to quest for it. Claudius never said a word when she left, his mind whirling with what he might find within its pages, but she knew that she had him heart and soul.

=Recent Events=
Claudius spent the next seven months gathering his notes and researching everything he could about the Mulhorandi Grimorum. When the time came he traveled to Arturo and met the motley crew that Delistra had gathered. He headed off to the west and was never seen again.

Gonahnadel Moonsong
Delistra Sapphire
Fashim Burak
KeystoneBronze Dragon

Last Known Location
West of the intersection of road between Arturo and Hayfield in a fortress in the Western Versat Human Territories.

Claudius Augustius Astralshade

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