Charmaine Greenbottle


Charmaine Greenbottle (2291 HR – Present)

The Early Years
Charmaine Greenbottle was born in 2291 HR in the Halfling District of Deepwater in the Western Versat Human Territories. She was an only child and heir apparent to her family’s trading empire. Like most halflings she learned both her native tongue and Common; later when she considered a life of adventure she decided to pick up Goblin as well.

Charmaine, although granted an easy life from the Greenbottle Trading Company, choose instead the life of an adventurer. She studied the arcane arts and eventually became a powerful sorcerer. While magic was always her first love, she also saw the value in having some ‘Acquisitions’ expertise.

Adventuring Years
Charmaine had many adventures across the Western Versat Human Territories and her stalwart companion for these adventurers was her familiar Vorel. Her career did not begin gracefully, as a teleportation accident dropped her in the middle of Oasis at Tweuna. Still, she soon gained staunch allies that included: Sol Nightrider, Will Clark, Twilight, Cerric, and Jamie although she bled together with Anera Dragonblood, Xeno Dragonblood, Jordache Azaria, and Treant OwWann as well. Unlike the majority of adventurers, her days did not end in death. Instead, she decided to return to her family’s business and help lift the burden from her ailing parents, becoming a prosperous merchant.

Notes from a life of adventure

Charmaine’s Wizard Mark


Anera Dragonblood
Xeno Dragonblood
Jordache Azaria
Oreth LevendalGhost
Sol Nightrider
Will Clark
Treant OwWann

Adventurers’ Guild of Oasis – Associate Member

Last Known Location
Glacerin in the Western Versat Human Territories.

Charmaine Greenbottle

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