Cerric (2191 HR – Present)

=The Early Years=
Cerric the elf was born in the city of Trezna. Growing up he always felt a calling to the priesthood. But what impressed him the most was his childhood friend.

Narwyn joined the church of Corellon Larethian at an early age and excelled in his studies. Narwyn was matchless in healing. He was often called into the surrounding countryside to heal the people and protect them from evil.

Inspired by his example, Cerric joined the church as soon as he was of age. Many years later, when his friend decided to take the message of his god to the heathen humans, it didn’t take Cerric long to follow suit.

=Adventuring Years=
Cerric joined up with a group of adventurers in 2316 HR and they slew many fiends in and around the town of Oasis. Cerric even worked as an associate member of the Adventurers’ Guild of Oasis guild for a time. However, he found the cloying masses of humans too much for his delicate sensitivities and returned to his hometown not long after where he took up a post in the temple as a healer.

=Recent Events=
One day, Cerric met a wretch of a man named Pedro. He wasn’t the first man Cerric had seen with an addiction to dire elk meat, but his case was the worse he’d ever witnessed. He listened carefully to his plight and did all he could to help Pedro kick his habit. He stood by him each day and cast his healing spells to ease the withdraw symptoms as Pedro came down from his two year meat high. It was touch and go for a time, but finally Pedro was free from his hallucinogenic hell. Pedro thanked Cerric and they’ve remained friends ever since.

Pedro the Meat Peddler

Charmaine Greenbottle
Anera Dragonblood
Xeno Dragonblood
Jordache Azaria
Sol Nightrider
Will Clark
Treant OwWann

Adventurers’ Guild of Oasis – Associate Member

Last Known Location
Trezna in the Elvish Northlands.


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